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Thread: Download 642-813 questions

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    Download 642-813 questions

    I passed this CCNP SWITCH test this week,Thanks for Passcert amazing study materials,here i will share some questions:

    1.You have just created a new VLAN on your network. What is one step that you should include in your
    VLAN-based implementation and verification plan?
    A. Verify that different native VLANs exist between two switches for security purposes.
    B. Verify that the VLAN was added on all switches with the use of the show vlan command.
    C. Verify that the switch is configured to allow for trunking on the switch ports.
    D. Verify that each switch port has the correct IP address space assigned to it for the new VLAN.
    Answer: B
    2.How does VTP pruning enhance network bandwidth?
    A. by restricting unicast traffic to across VTP domains
    B. by reducing unnecessary flooding of traffic to inactive VLANs
    C. by limiting the spreading of VLAN information
    D. by disabling periodic VTP updates
    Answer: B
    3.In which three HSRP states do routers send hello messages? (Choose three.)
    A. standby
    B. learn
    C. listen
    D. speak
    E. active

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    Re: Download 642-813 questions

    That was worth to share. I also want to add here the test support provided by Cisco on this. There is a sample test topics that you can view on Cisco site. This are much helpful when you are trying to get ready for this exam. Atleast you can find the information on number of topics covered under.

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