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Thread: Sample for Experience Certificate

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    Sample for Experience Certificate

    Myself having the small business , recently I have decide to make the experience certificate for those guys who had worked in my company, but I donít get any idea or format for doing this, so Iím very much confused. So if you people have any ideas or you know any experience certificate format or any suggestion then please let me know about this.

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    Re: Sample for Experience Certificate

    You just try this one.

    Mr/ Ms. (Candidate Name)
    Address of the candidate.
    This is to certify that Mr/Mrs ( name of the employee ) was working at ( Company Name );
    As ( Designation of the employee ) from ( date of joining) to ( last working date ).
    During his term, we found him to be (positive words ) and his services were found to be satisfactory.
    We wish him all the best in his future accomplishments.
    Name of the candidate
    (Your name)

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    Re: Sample for Experience Certificate

    There are the various formats available on the site for different format, but the best experience letter format should have very few words to describe the candidate performance, so at the top you should mention your company logo. And after that the salutation for the candidate. Then skip some line and write 'To Whom It May Concern' on the top left side of the certificateí, and the body is all about the person designation the joining date and the leaving date and something about his performance and the growth of that guys. And finally end with some positive phrase.

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    Re: Sample for Experience Certificate

    The experience letter should be in professional format, there are the format which is very much professional; and that look like the Experience certificate of the company, basically if we talk about the format then avoid more words or negative things for that person you are writing the letter. And give the best formal color to the certificate page that it makes its own impression on the mind.

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    Re: Sample for Experience Certificate

    The format for my company is as follow may it help you to give some idea.

    This is to certify that Mr/Ms/Mrs ...............................…have been an employee of SAM Service.
    From (date of joining ) to (date of leaving) as a (staff positions).
    During this stage we have experiential him/her as most professional and release his work of his position very efficiently and carefully.
    He is the best for his designation.

    (Name of HRD Manager)
    (Company Seal)
    Name and Address of the Organization.

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    Re: Sample for Experience Certificate

    A experience certificate consist of standard format which is normally taken from a regular letter. There is a headline which normally assigned in center with date below and a subject. The subject consist of entire period with designation of candidate. The comes below part where there is a short description about the work done by candidate and the time with package information. Also the conduct and later on it is certified by company stamp.

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    Re: Sample for Experience Certificate

    It is simple to find a format of experience letter. You can find that in office template. A professional experience letter is always made on companies letter head with appropriate stamp and signature. Just go in Office Templates and type experience letter. You can see a number of format ready to use. Download one of them and modify it. Add your company information and done.

    Microsoft Word Experience Letter Templates

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