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Thread: Microsoft certification training lab

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    Microsoft certification training lab

    Now from everyone there I want to know how can I setup a training lab at my residence. The configuration of my systems goes in this manner:
    • X64 machine
    • Quad Core Processor
    • 5gb memory

    Now I want to ask what should I do, should I install Windows 7 and then configure V-server or VPC or should I install Windows 2008 server and then configure the virtual environment.

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    Re: Microsoft certification training lab

    According to me it totally depend upon what is going to run in the lab. If you want to make run the windows 2008 server R2 then Hyper-V is required. It is because 64-bit guests are not going to be supported by the VPC. I would even not think of using Virtual Server on Windows 7. Please let me know in detail what kind of lab are you trying to establish.
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    Re: Microsoft certification training lab

    Give me a detail description on exactly what kind of virtual labs do you want? I never had problems with them from Windows 7. Try it if you want and if you come across any problems let me know? All your query are always welcomed. I would like to tell you about the Technet virtual lab. I hope this could be of some help in your purpose. Technet virtual labs are actually different from virtual machines. The VM runs on Technet's machines. You can connect to the VM through the Internet.

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    Re: Microsoft certification training lab

    What are you saying? I disagree with Zimic's view. I did install the virtual lab, running the Windows 7. It did not run flawless, rather it gets stalls. It stalls while checking for the Active X Control. I went through all the requirements of the system and I doubt that I missed any thing in this dimension. Any help in this context would help me a lot. I am waiting for the replies eagerly...

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    Re: Microsoft certification training lab

    Yes I really think that you must have done something wrong while doing the installation. Yes certainly it is not going to work until the Active X control is installed. If it is stalling at that moment then there is something that should be looked for. Before jumping to the conclusion let me ask you if you can see a gold bar at the top of IE? You should be able to view it at least once while installing the Active-X control.

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    Re: Microsoft certification training lab

    Now, I think that I will be able to get to the climax of this problem. Actually the last post just helped me a lot. Thanks Engg. If all of have reached the final posts, then click on the installer of the Active-X controller and complete the dialog box. It will stall there while a green tracer will be running. At that time when I was working with this problem I was facing many problems with the deployment of virtual labs. I was finally able to get TechNet Virtual Lab Express Windows 7 Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V) which worked quite well.
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