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Thread: Options for 3d printing?

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    Options for 3d printing?

    Hello, i need to make a 3D project which am trying from last couple of days but not able to get it properly. Actually am in need of a process that captures fine details but is fairly durable. So i just need some suggestion of good companies that are best for 3D printing. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Options for 3d printing?

    Most design decisions are taken very early in the development cycle. It turns out that the average top 10% of the development process impacting more than 80% of the total cost of the product! Until now, designers and engineers relied exclusively on digital 3D models from the mechanical CAD software, such as Solid Edge , SolidWorks, Pro / Engineer, Catia etc..

    But it is undeniable that this type of model (3D drawing paper or screen shots) does not meet all needs when it wants to communicate the design details of its management, service marketing or technical, and even when it is to convince a customer!

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    Re: Options for 3d printing?

    The company i know for the said process is Print Value. They operate at all levels of production: design files 3d, 3d scanning of objects, analysis of file, print themselves, post processing, shipment, archiving your data. Print Value has partnered with Dassault Systems to provide three winners, the realization by 3d printing, from creation.

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    Re: Options for 3d printing?

    As per your title, that is 3d printing options, Desktop Factory, which targets a price below $ 1,000 knowing that their first model is not yet commercially available and it will start instead in the $ 5K. Its printer uses a white plastic fiber deposited in layers. It may then be painted and / or painted. I was able to take control of parts produced at Capital Week in 2008 and the fibrous clearly destined to prototyping.

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    Re: Options for 3d printing?

    Quote Originally Posted by Siddhi_vidhi View Post
    So i just need some suggestion of good companies that are best for 3D printing. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    With the arrival of low cost 3D printers, the online printing sites are starting to flourish on the Net. You will also find info on the technologies used and their capabilities, and prices of services offered.

    Beware, the industry moves quickly, do so anyway to check on the sites if nothing has changed since the publication.

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    Re: Options for 3d printing?

    From the design or implementation in Cao obtaining a real object, just a few hours. Fast, efficient, inexpensive, 3d printing technology is ideal for your needs in rapid prototyping. 3d printing, allows for physical objects created virtually. By accumulation of successive layer in two dimensions, 3D printing allows for objects totally faithful to your creations both in terms of scale color or appearance.

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    Re: Options for 3d printing?

    "The 3D printer can literally ""print"" in a few hours of digital 3D models from any CAD or 3D scanner is to say, generate a physical model in ABS plastic, accurate, for functional validation. All without mold or wax or powder, or special handling! The 3D models created with our printers allow an ideal communication between designers, policy makers and potential customers.

    This provides, at a price close to that of a professional color laser printer or a tracer, a revolutionary technology of rapid prototyping that will give your office a means of validation studies and presenting without equal, so a clear competitive advantage!"

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