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Thread: CISCO VS MICROSOFT Certification bootcamps

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    CISCO VS MICROSOFT Certification bootcamps

    Hi all,

    I am confused how to take its own direction, to choose what kind of certification, I feel quite a part of the candidates not previously engaged in computer, network, work, or even the original work and the computer does not matter, by virtue of the computer, the network love and obsession, and now desire to enter the IT industry, a certification as a cornerstone. In the end how to choose our representatives from both the skills or the certification is certified to possess the capabilities to analyze.CISCO VS MICROSOFT Certification ? Please suggest. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: CISCO VS MICROSOFT Certification bootcamps

    You need to do Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE). Microsoft provides for network professionals, Microsoft Certified System Engineer. MCSE is proven to be able to use Microsoft Windows NT Server and Microsoft Back office Server product family built a wide range of computing environments for effective planning, implementation, maintenance and support information systems and qualified personnel. All the best.

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    CISCO VS MICROSOFT Certification bootcamps

    Cisco has introduced for its products, network planning and network support engineers certification scheme (Cisco Career Certification Program, referred to as CCCP), and asked the agent in various countries have such engineers to improve the quality of service to users. Network engineers to establish the eligibility of Cisco product certification system, also for the use of networking technology products Cisco technical level personnel evaluation criteria established. Cisco company may thus its agents in accordance with the level of skills into different grades, standardized the industry management. Network construction and the use of those units also have an objective scale networks, measurement and selection of agents or builders. All the best.

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    CISCO VS MICROSOFT Certification bootcamps

    Microsoft's MCSE certification exams are characterized by involving a wide range of application is large, MCSE almost covers the content of the underlying hardware from the network to high-level software configuration, routing technology, communications transmission encryption, public keys, certificates issued, the kind of application server set up, user management, network technology almost mainstream today. MCSE HOS flats after candidates have passed the current computer and the Web's popular has a specific of understanding, for those who for IT industry. All the best.
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    CISCO VS MICROSOFT Certification bootcamps

    The CISCO's CCNA, CCNP certification is necessary in the professional strong on some, only a narrow range for the network hardware, routing, switching to a more in-depth discussion. However, if future work does not involve these aspects, then the school is not certified to use. It is suitable for those who work direction had been set (the working environment for the CISCO equipment) or to have obtained his MCSE would also like more in-depth examination. If you decide later in the work of the root CISCO equipment that can test, if still uncertain if the scope is wide MCSE point. Check and reply.

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    CISCO VS MICROSOFT Certification bootcamps

    General candidates that Microsoft is a large software company of its certification should also be software development, programming like that. But in fact belong to system management MCSE classes, which are mainly used to describe Microsoft's operating system to use for system management and implementation of various functions, such as WEB set up, user account management, remote network links. Check and reply.

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