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Thread: SCJP - Can it guarantee a job?

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    SCJP - Can it guarantee a job?

    Can a certificate in SCJP guarantee a job even if u r not an engineer? I just have a BSc degree in mathematics with no experience in IT. My academic records are not that excellent but I am good at programming. So I'd like to know if I shud put my time and money into getting this certification. If I do get a certification what kind of companies wud consider my application with 0 experience? I reside in mumbai.


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    Re: SCJP - Can it guarantee a job?

    You think you are good at programming ..good but since Your academic records are not that excellent so there is chance that you will struggle but that is for around 2 years in development that is common if you dont have good academic ...

    If you deciding to go with IT SCJP is good this certification exam prove technical knowledge in java to after this course get job but then better to go with more courses...further

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    Re: SCJP - Can it guarantee a job?

    There is value for the SCJP certification. If you believe in yourself & your programming skills then You just need to be master at the language that's all. If you are through with the technical skills then just a little bit of struggle which is normal for every IT student is there. But don't depend only on this certification. Keep updating your knowledge & understanding of the other languages too. Always keep in mind that there is no other way for hard work.

    I wish you all the best. Its is true that your past academic record is taken into consideration but if you pass the aptitude with good percentage at interview then they will choose you first.

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