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Thread: Windows Powershell Training

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    Windows Powershell Training

    Hello , I am Newbie and want to Learn Powershell , Need some Training on Windows powershell, so Can you Please Guide , Where Can i Get some Good PowerShell Traning Resource, maybe You Can Suggest me Some Good Ebook, or Address of Some classes or training institute, Where I Can Get Excellent knowledge about powershell ,and Also What i Can Get Learn During these Traning Thanks in advance

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    Re: Windows Powershell Training

    You can purchase a ebook for Windows PowerShell traning from sapien press ,
    Learn Windows administrative scripting with Microsoft PowerShell, the new, comprehensive, consistent, and powerful scripting shell for Microsoft Windows and the Windows Server System. Microsoft's committed to building future graphical administration tools on top of PowerShell, meaning PowerShell will offer the fastest, easiest, and most complete way to automate any Windows administrative task. This new second edition of Windows PowerShell: TFM is more than 25% larger and contains more than 60% revised and re-written material, making it the most comprehensive and authoritative Windows PowerShell book currently available. You'll not only learn what PowerShell is and how it works, but you'll learn to take PowerShell further using custom type extensions, basic cmdlet development, custom formatting views, .NET Framework development, graphical dialog boxes, and much, much more. A completely revised first part helps you get started with PowerShell faster than ever, with explanations based on live class deliveries to more than 1,000 students; coverage of PowerShell's scripting capabilities has been vastly expanded and rewritten to make the subject both easier and more applicable to real-world scenarios. No other PowerShell book provides this much coverage, with such clear explanations from two recipients of Microsoft's Windows PowerShell MVP award!

    Download sample scripts from this book.

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    Re: Windows Powershell Training

    Windows Power Shell training will teach you How to master the new scripting language from Microsoft. It will show you how to use it to automate administrative tasks in Windows XP, Vista and Server 2003. You can implement PowerShell in diverse fields such as networking, process management, or inventory of a machine.

    Content For training of Powershell can be like these
    • The bases of language
    • Types and operators
    • Control structures and functions
    • Scriptblocks and articles
    • Management of the display and navigate through the operating system
    • Processing text files and XML
    • Error handling
    • Use. NET and COM via PowerShell
    • Using WMI objects
    • Using Windows PowerShell for administrative tasks
    • Security management PowerShell scripts

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    Re: Windows Powershell Training

    PowerShell This training will enable you to:
    • Install and run Windows PowersShell
    • Working with Objects in Windows PowerShell including cmdlets, data types, variables and models of objects
    • Implement sequences of operations by placing them in one? Pipeline
    • Check the resulting formatting objects delivered by the end of the "pipe"
    • Implement sequences of operations by placing them in a script
    • Implement flow control within scripts and define functions and filters for modularisation of complex scripts
    • Manipulate files and registry values
    • Manage storage volumes of records, copies hidden shared folders and Terminal Server using WMI in Windows PowerShell
    • Administer and maintain Active Directory with Windows PowerShell
    • Maintain Group Policy using Windows PowerShell
    • Maintain web services and applications using Windows PowerShell

    You Can Check this Link From Completed Guidance and Traning Regarding Powershell

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