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Thread: Aptitude Testing Center (ATS) Exam

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    Aptitude Testing Center (ATS) Exam

    Aptitude Testing Center (ATS), New Delhi conducts every year G. INDOMAT, a common admission test for admission to about 30 Management Institutes thrice a year generally in the months of May, September and December.


    Written Tests:
    The preparation should start at least one year in advance. Under-graduates can start preparation during final year. First of all proper study material should be collected. A realistic time plan of study based on your current activities is required to be prepared and followed carefully and meticulously. Exhaustive practice on mathematical portion of the test is required.


    Candidates should prepare well in advance for the interview. They should list out various tricky questions with appropriate answers. For example, why you want to join management programme. How is MBA degree or Diploma going to help you?

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    Re: Aptitude Testing Center (ATS) Exam

    Study material should include the following:

    • Latest guide on GMAT or MBA.
    • Latest book on General Knowledge.
    • Good book on English Grammar.
    • Good magazines like India Today, etc.
    • Good books on Mathematics of CBSE standard.
    • Newspapers.

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