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Thread: How to Behave at An Interview

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    How to Behave at An Interview

    After an interview call from the dream institutes we are more tensed than being happy at our achievement. The first question that hits our mind is “how do I tackle the interview?” You can relax as you Know how you can do this more effectively and crack the interview.

    All the competitive exams now have a PERSONAL INTERVIEW session. A student needs to prepare himself for this round as well. A candidate may be knocked out in the interview session, if he doesn’t have good manners. So, is here to give you some very useful tips on mannerism.

    Basic Mannerism to Crack an interview
    1. Knock the door before you enter the room.
    2. Wish the interviewer as soon as you enter the room. Wish the lady first, if the panel contains a mix of male and female interviewers.
    3. Sit only when you are asked to sit down. After waiting for few moments, ask for permission.
    4. Sit up straight. Try not to slouch or lean back in your chair.
    5. Be very attentive during the entire interview session.
    6. Even if you don’t know the answer for a particular question at least give it a try and then answer the question.
    7. Be very humble and polite during the interview.
    8. Suppose, it is a 3:1 interview. And two questions have been thrown at the same time. Try to answer the question in which you are confident first, but remember to reply to the other interviewer that you will answer his question shortly.
    9. Always try to wear a smile on your face.
    10. Don’t bite your finger or shake your legs or any other such movements, these are the signs that you are tensed.
    11. Always put forward your positive attitude.
    12. Be confident while answering the questions, but don’t be OVER-Confident.

    These are some of the ways in which you can keep yourself away from committing some of the commonest mistakes in an interview.

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    Re: How to Behave at An Interview

    Hello , According to me Certain Things that are important one which is to BE ON TIME !!!!!!! and other things you can follows are to Dress appropriately (raggedy jeans and a t-shirt is not appropriate for any interview, except perhaps a place like a tattoo parlor or something like that, where that's just how people dress at work.) Unless it's pretty serious, a guy can't go wrong with clean, pressed Dockers and a polo shirt. Women are generally safe in either a skirt and top, or slacks and a nice top (modest!) Even if you're terrified, psych yourself up so you come across as confident, but not arrogant. Practice in front of a mirror (particularly any questions, or your pitch for why you want to attend there, etc.), then practice with a friend.Have a firm handshake. Smile. Look them straight in the eye.Use active listening skills. Maintain eye contact, smile, nod and use verbal cues to let them know you're listening and understand.When it's done, thank you for their time, shake hands, and say something like "I look forward to hearing from you." Make it confident, assuming they are going to call you.

    Good luck!

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    Re: How to Behave at An Interview

    How You Should Behave After The Interview
    If you were not successful, most companies will provide feedback as to what you need to improve on. However, if not, call them up and ask them directly as this will help you to prepare for future interviews. In any case, keep all your preparation notes for next time and reflect on the Interview - good and bad points. Try to identify any mistakes you feel you may have made and how these could be improved upon next time.The best way to improve is through practice, so use every interview as a learning curve and learn from each and every one you attend.

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    Re: How to Behave at An Interview

    A candidate’s conduct reflects his/her personality traits that are likely to affect his/her job behaviors. He/she should be behaving elegantly during an interview. He/she should do nothing that gives a negative impression to the recruiters.

    • Dress Appropriately
      Candidates must be dressed appropriately. They should reflect professional eminence.

    • Body Language
      Candidates should sit straight during an interview. They must keep a check on their body language. They should not pass any negative signals. They should maintain eye contact with the interviewer.

    • Nervousness
      It is very common to be nervous at an interview, but candidates should not show their nervousness. This is generally taken as a negative sign.

    • Listening
      Listing is a very important aspect of an interview. Candidates should listen carefully to the interviewers. Also, they should not argue with the interviewer. They must respect the interviewer.

    • Truth
      Candidates should not lie during an interview. Their statements can be crosschecked. They should always show what they actually are. They should not exaggerate things.

    • Social Manners
      Candidates should behave well in the organization premises. They should not chew nails or do some activity that can provide a negative feedback. They should not forget to greet the interviewers and say please and thank you whenever desired.

    • Normal Behavior
      Candidates should behave normally. They should not show off. They shouldn’t be too excited. Also, they shouldn’t be showing that they are too much in need of a job and can do any job.

    • Food & Drinks
      Candidates should refuse tea, coffee or any eatable during the conversation. They may take water.

    • Self-Assessment
      Candidates should never assess themselves negatively. They should not show their weaknesses and comment on them.

    • Value Time
      Candidates should value time. They should be on time for the interview.

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