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Thread: Tips for PMT Exam Preparation

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    Tips for PMT Exam Preparation

    Best Tips for PMT Exam Preparation

    • Take 6-8 hours of sleep before the test to keep your self fresh while solving the questions.
    • Donít forget to take breakfast before the examination so that you donít feel weak during the paper. Some students go to the center without eating any thing .NEVER DO IT.
    • Make a list of all required objects for the examination like wrist watch pen, pencil, rubber, sharpener, permission letter etc and always check this list before leaving to the examination center.
    • Do not read any new topic just before the test, since this will be wastage of time it can also confuse you at that crucial time.
    • You should try to reach the examination center at least half an hour before the exam and if you haven't seen it before, then you must go and visit it a day before the test
    • If your center is in another city- in that case try to reach there one day before the test
    • If you have your vehicle, check petrol in the tank and air in all types ensure it is in proper running condition. Try to reach the center at least 1 hour before the exam so that you can manage the time in case of any unforeseen incidents (accident, puncture traffic jams etc)
    • If you do not have a vehicle, ensure a means of traveling by which you can reach the center well in time; give at least an hour of time for unforeseen delays.

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    Re: Tips for PMT Exam Preparation


    Many students find that loud recitation of the information they wish to learn helps them to remember it better, Repeating the information aloud, increases ability to recall through stimulating the hearing sense as well as the visual sense.

    1 more benefit of remembering the information by this method is, it also helps in making your concentration better. remember all religious gurus always use this method for meditation.


    Transforming ideas into DIAGRAMS/IMAGES or FLOW CHARTS is another way to increase your sensory input.
    In addition to the extra thought involved in developing an IMAGE, recall of that information will often be increased simply because of the newly created visual structure e. g. if u want to learn circulatory system a diagram from tissues > heart > lung > heart > body tissues can be better understood by the any picture

    This way you can use your creativity to make images out of the information which you want to remember
    and it is not necessary that this image should make any sense. All you want is a stimulus to recall.
    make a secret notebook of all your images for rapid revision in the future You can then study the material by covering your notes and using the IMAGES to help you recall as much as you can. To improve recall, this procedure is repeated until you are able to recall each idea completely.


    Research shows that the motor activity involved in the act of WRITING out information which you want to learn helps you to remember it better.
    So always make a habit to write down the information which you want to learn.
    Writing it again and again will help in better learning and understanding of the information.


    A good variation of this method is to write the summary word or phrase on one side of a small card
    and place the information you want to recall on the other side. STUDY CARDS offer two important advantages. First, the work involved in making the cards helps you begin to learn. You write and you learn
    Secondly, study cards allow you to physically separate and focus on one piece of information at a time, which can be important for some learners. it helps in better concentration and understanding of the information.


    There are two methods which can be of aid when you must learn long lists of information like causes ofÖfactors of etc. The first is called GROUPING and refers to breaking the list into related groups of information. To make it more effective, make sure that each group contains only those items which have something in common. When you cannot group information or you need to recall a list in a specific order, you might want to use a word or sentence called MNEMONIC


    these are often verbal, something such as a very short poem or a special word or phrase used to help a person remember something, particularly lists Mnemonics rely on associations between easy-to-remember constructs which can be related back to the data that is to be remembered.
    A memorable word can often be created by using first letters of the terms you have to know. Where a word cannot be made, the first letters might be used as the first letters of words in a sentence.

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    Re: Tips for PMT Exam Preparation

    There are many site that are conducting ALL India Rank Assessment Test for Medical Exams in 2011. A lot of students are already participating, if you are preparing you participate as well to make this a huge success.

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    Re: Tips for PMT Exam Preparation

    I am going to take part in PMT examination. Lucky me to find this forum and read those instruction above.
    Thanks all for your sharing !!!

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    Re: Tips for PMT Exam Preparation

    Same here, i am also participating this year, its great help , thanks

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    Re: Tips for PMT Exam Preparation

    Here you can find in detail regarding the PMT exam .I tried it before , it is a really very good site.This helped me alot for getting good rank in entrance test and i hope the same with you
    Because it has been Written by international, specialist, consultant doctors, PMT Entrance Exam has been created for B.H.U., AIIMS, JIPMER, AFMC and many more.

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    Re: Tips for PMT Exam Preparation

    Entrance exams in India have become a rage now with so many prestigious examinations being taken every year and giving the students a lucrative chance to make their careers bright and also you can try to read the whole NCERT syllabus. For all-India entrance tests, go through the ISC textbook as well. For AIPMT Mains, you have to go a little deep into the theory portion to attempt descriptive questions.

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    Re: Tips for PMT Exam Preparation

    The PMP course can help you get the job, keep your job and earn more money. Here at the Project Management Academyģ we pride ourselves on making sure that you are prepared to pass the exam on your first attempt. After our 4-day PMP training you will have all the knowledge and tools needed to take the next step in your career. Don't let this opportunity pass you by, register today for one of our upcoming PMP courses at our convenient local training facilities.

    starts here
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