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Thread: Suggest topic for Physics Project for Class XII

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    Suggest topic for Physics Project for Class XII

    hi guys,

    can anyone suggest me some Physics Project for Class XII. please post me some good Physics Project topics for Class 12th. you can also specify any site for physics project for class XII.

    Thanks in advance for your answer
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    Re: Suggest topic for Physics Project for Class XII

    Hey you can make your project on semiconductors,thermal energy,thermal expansion, electricity etc.

    also see these sites

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    Re: Suggest topic for Physics Project for Class XII

    How about Fire alarm , Lemon cell ,potentiometer ,Spectrometer etc . Don't you have a project book for CBSE .You may better refer it from an ISC text .We had a lot of projects there .

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    Re: Suggest topic for Physics Project for Class XII

    Hey! If you are a class 12 student and looking for physics investigatory projects, do not miss CoolJunk DIY(do-it-yourself) physics kits: CoolJunk Physics Investigatory Project Kits

    Using step-by-step visual instructions & detailed theory manual, you can make your physics investigatory project within hours & score 100% marks in practical. Here is the list of topic based projects for class 12:

    1. Verification of Kirchhoff Laws and Ohms Law
    2. Variable Resistors: Potentiometer, Preset & LDR: Sequential glowing of LEDs, Internal structure of potentiometer/preset, Working of LDR
    3. Capacitors-Charging and Discharging With Resistors & Time Constants
    4. Relay & Electromagnetism- Burglar Alarm, Alternate Switching, Oscillator
    5. Diode- VI Characteristics & Working, Low Resistance Path, Protection Device
    6. OR and AND Digital Logic Gates using Diodes
    7. NOR and NAND Digital Logic Gates using Diodes
    8. Zener Diode- Working & Reverse Breakdown Voltage, Voltage Regulator
    9. Transistor as Amplifier & Switch: Cut-off, Active & Saturation Regions
    10. Touch Activated Switch (Passing current through body) using a Transistor
    11. Darlington Pair (Multi-stage amplifier using transistors)
    12. Automatic Night Lamp using transistor and LDR
    13. OR and AND Logic Gates using Transistors
    14. NOR and NAND Logic Gates using Transistors
    15. NOT Gate (Transistor as an Inverter)
    16. LED Blinker (or Flasher) using a Transistor
    17. H-Bridge (Motor-driving circuit used in robotics) using transistors
    18. DC Motor: Studying relation between RPM and Voltage
    19. Wheatstone Bridge: Calculating the unknown resistance using two fixed resistors and a variable resistor (potentiometer)
    20. Full-wave Bridge Rectifier (Using diodes and a 12V AC transformer)
    21. Full-wave rectifier using diodes and a center-tapped 12V AC transformer
    22. Joule Thief: Drawing energy from a dead cell using an inductor
    23. IR (Infrared) Security or Intrusion Alarm System
    24. Temperature Sensor using a thermistor

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