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Thread: 3.3 lac free eBooks available online

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    3.3 lac free eBooks available online

    Hi Everybody,

    This is good news for book lovers. World's first Online Book Fair has
    started on 4 th July 06. This book fair will be for a month.
    E-books will be available for free access / download. Those of you, who are
    interested in readership, do not miss this opportunity !

    One can download the books from this site till Aug 4th, 2006.

    About World eBook Library Catalogs and Collections The World eBook
    Library Consortia Collection shelves more than 330,000 PDF eBooks in 100+
    languages contained in 112 of the finest eBook and eDocument collections
    published on the Internet today. The mission of the World eBook
    Library's Acquisition Department is to add new eBooks every day.

    For Technical E-Books, go to

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    Sounds cool......... But I think the technical ebooks link is broken.
    I don't know whay she left me. I miss her.

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