could someone please the following ebooks

* Douglas Hall, “Microprocessors and Interfacing, Programming and Hardware”, Second Edition, Tata McGraw-hill.
* John Uffenback, 8086/8088 Interfacing, Programming and Design”, 1987, PHI.
* Yu-Cheng Liu, Glenn A.Gibson”, The 8086/8088 Family Architecture, Programming and Design”, Second Edition, PHI.
* Peter Able, “IBM PC, Assembly Language Programming”, Fifth Edition.
* A.K.Ray, K.M.Bhurchandi, “Advanced Microprocessors and Peripherals”, Tata McGraw Hill, 2000.
* B.B.Brey, “The Intel Microprocessors”, Sixth Edition.
* Peter Norton, “IBM PC, Assembly Language programming”, BPB publication.

i need these books desperately.
thanking you in advance