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Old 24-02-2014
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Kindle Fire turning off while downloading books

I am having a weird issue with Kindle Fire. I am unable to use it properly. Whenever I go ahead with downloading new books it just turn off. It was going off before. I through this was due to the battery so I kept it on charging. But now it is not working. I want some help here to fix this thing. It is not getting randomly off when I try to get new things. I am unable to find any solution for this on web also. Is there any one else getting the same issue.
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Old 25-02-2014
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Re: Kindle Fire turning off while downloading books

Looks like a battery failure in your Kindle. You have to carry the same to nearest service. I got this issue on a tablet. I use it like a ebook reader. But later on it holds really less charge and turns of quiet fast. It was a LAVA model. I carried that to the service center and they replaced the battery. As my tablet is under warranty so I do not have to pay much for that. Just take it to the service center. Do not use it or else there will be more issue.
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Old 26-02-2014
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Re: Kindle Fire turning off while downloading books

Did you checked properly. Sometime this type of thing occurred if you have a less display timeout. Increase that and see once again. You can go in Settings > Display and in that you can increase the timeout. You can extend that to a much higher time limit. There can be some other apps in your kindle that is causing battery draining. Backup your data and just go ahead with full factory restore. That will be enough to fix the problem.
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Old 27-02-2014
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Re: Kindle Fire turning off while downloading books

If the regular factory reset does not work then you can go ahead with hard reset also. This will be enough to fix the issue. For that you have to hold the power button for around 20 seconds. You will get a shutdown message on the screen.Once the device is turned off then just restart and then check back. If this is not working then you have to contact Amazon for getting it fixed. It is a hardware issue.
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