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Thread: Buying a demo unit of Kindle Fire

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    Buying a demo unit of Kindle Fire

    I have a friend who works in an electric shop. He had shown some of the new Kindle Fire they were to be sold in few days. I saw one of them and it had written Demo on them. They were very cheap and I was thinking of buying it. My friend must have saved few of them, but before I buy them, I wanted to ask what differences will it between actual Kindle Fire and the one with ‘demo’ written on it?

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    Re: Buying a demo unit of Kindle Fire

    The Kindle Fire’s demo unit which you saw is provided to the electric stores only for demonstration of the devices. Like if, the product is new in the market and electronic stores want to demonstrate them to the people, then it wouldn’t be possible to show actual unit. The reasons can be many, like the product is not yet released or actual products are not provided separately for display. The units of Kindle Fire with Demo written on it only provide user with view of it and the dimensions. The employees at the electronic store will only explain them the purposes and advantages. So this is the difference between the Kindle Fire’s actual device and demo unit.

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    Re: Buying a demo unit of Kindle Fire

    The demo unit of Kindle Fire that you saw will not have full functionality. There will be many features missing from it. The people at the store only need to some basic interface and some features to the people interested in it. So the features of demo Kindle Fire will be limited till it. I don’t know how many types of demo Kindle Fire are distributed, but one which I saw had no reset button on it. Again you won’t be able to connect it to 3G or Wi-Fi. So it is basically just a sample model for viewing and not for using. Also if you are able to register it on Amazon, the developers will scrap the subscriptions for demo pieces when actual product releases.

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    Re: Buying a demo unit of Kindle Fire

    The main difference between the demo unit of Kindle Fire and actual Kindle Fire is of warranty. You won’t get any warranty on the demo piece of Kindle Fire as that you get on actual Kindle Fire. You won’t get it repaired if anything happens with it. Also the hardware used in the demo pieces is of lower quality than that of the actual Kindle Fire. So chances of it getting screwed up are more. I think that you should buy the actual Kindle Fire instead of demo piece if you want it so badly.

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