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Thread: In Diags Mode, Kindle 4 is crashing

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    In Diags Mode, Kindle 4 is crashing

    I have a Kindle 4 with me which has no touch screen. Recently it started giving me errors while loading an eBook on it. So I thought of running the Diagnostic tests on it to see if the things go properly or not. While running the Diagnostic tests, I unknowingly pressed the power button on it which caused the diagnostic tests to get cancelled. Now whenever I try to turn on the Kindle 4, I see a blank screen. Can someone tell why it is happening?

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    Re: In Diags Mode, Kindle 4 is crashing

    You will need to reset the Kindle 4 by taking out its battery and again putting it back. But looking at the built of Kindle 4, it is impossible to remove the back cover of it and remove the battery. The cover is stuck and any manual attempts might break it beyond repairs. I suggest you to take it to the service centre of Kindle or any other authorized service centre. They will have professional tools to open the back cover and reset your Kindle 4. It will start your Kindle 4 back as normal.

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    Re: In Diags Mode, Kindle 4 is crashing

    You can also manually restart the Kindle 4 without having to open it and remove the battery and put it back. You can just restart it yourself by holding the power button down for 30 seconds. After you leave it, you will see your Kindle 4 restart and work back as normal as it was before. I think this better than taking your Kindle 4 to the repair centre. This is a hard reset and may be data get lost. If you have synced your Kindle 4 with PC suite, then you can restore it. Though data will be lost, but you will get back your fully functioning Kindle 4 back.

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