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Thread: Hack registration in Kindle

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    Hack registration in Kindle

    I have a Kindle Fire with me which I use to read the eBooks. I havenít registered this Kindle yet and I am thinking of registering it on Amazon. But the problem is that the country in which I live doesnít have full functionality from Amazon. There will certain restrictions which will stop me from getting books that are not released in my country and so for the offers. Can someone tell me how to hack the registration of Kindle to unlock everything on Kindle?

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    Re: Hack registration in Kindle

    I donít think that it is right to use hacks on Kindle to unlock it completely. I donít think that you will find hacks or tools for unlocking your Kindle on any website. One who are providing with such hacks and tools might be some bad websites. Also if any website is providing you with such patches or methods, either it must be some spyware or some notorious software. Amazon doesnít put restrictions on stuff just for fun. They have some reason behind it. There are some books which are not meant for certain regions because they might not go well with people living there or for any other reason. The offers too are region based. If you live in Australia, what are you going to do with voucher meant for hotel in Japan? So the hacks are useless if observed properly.

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    Re: Hack registration in Kindle

    If in case you get some hack to unlock Kindle from Region restriction, then it wonít work for long time. Some day or other Amazon will detect your fraud and will cancel the registration anyways. So it is better that you get the real registration from Amazon and use it wisely. I have seen some sites offering Kindle registration for some price which is less than official Amazonís registration. But how much do you trust these offers. What if the person offering you registration is a hacker who gets details of your credit card and misuses it? I think you should avoid such unofficial hacks for registration of your Kindle.

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    Re: Hack registration in Kindle

    If you are thinking of getting a hack registration for your Kindle, then let me tell you that if you directly pay money to Amazon for official registration, it will be of great advantage for many people. If you buy an unofficial hack, the money will go to a single person who you donít know. But the money you pay for the official registration goes to Amazon and supporting companies which get you the Kindle. There are employees and many other people who get paid from your money. So I think that you should think wisely to who you pay.

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