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Thread: How to use NOOK simple touch internationally?

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    How to use NOOK simple touch internationally?

    I live in Mumbai, India for my company has transferred here for a period of a year. I actually reside in Liverpool, England. The problem is that I am an enthusiastic reader and I need to read a novel now and then. Carrying the big novels around in the bag is problematic as they increase the weight. So I purchased NOOK simple touch to get the books in eBook format and read them on it. The problem is that NOOK simple touch is region locked. If I purchase it from Mumbai, I wonít be able to read many eBooks that are restricted only for England. Can someone tell me how do I get a NOOK simple touch that will be available to accept eBook from any region of this world?

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    Re: How to use NOOK simple touch internationally?

    I think that you will need to buy the NOOK simple touch in England itself and then get it in India to use it without any Indian restrictions or protocols. You must be having a credit card of England. You can create an account on B&N using the details of this England based credit card. You will get a username, password and some other details. Then you can request some trusted friend or relative of yours to purchase a NOOK simple touch in England and give him the details of the B&N account.

    Ask him/her to register the NOOK simple touch as it is being used by a person from Liverpool, England. Now ask him to send the NOOK simple touch over to India. Thus you will have NOOK simple touch that is registered in England with Englandís restriction which you can use in India.

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    Re: How to use NOOK simple touch internationally?

    Thatís a great idea which I never thought of. I think I too will get myself a NOOK simple touch. I too am a resident of London, England and I am currently residing in Moscow, Russia. The only thing that will create problem when using NOOK simple touch outside the country to which it is registered is denial of certain services.

    Some websites or offers that we will get on NOOK simple touch will not work outside England even though we have registered NOOK simple touch to that country. The reason is that some services need to connect themselves with internet. When connected to internet, the IP address will be registered of India, thus denial of service.

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    Re: How to use NOOK simple touch internationally?

    Yes, thatís true, I canít view videos from Hulu and Netflix. I live in the region where Hulu and Netflix subscription are not available. The only problem that will happen is when re-installing or upgrading the operating system in it. After re-installing the operating system, the NOOK simple touch will need to re-register to B&N. At this time, the IP address of region you reside in will be entered leading to the registration of NOOK simple touch to that region itself. So I think it will become a real problem if ever such situation arises.

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