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Thread: Nook Simple Touch is using excessive Battery

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    Nook Simple Touch is using excessive Battery

    Who all are using Nook Simple Touch here and facing battery problems? I got a brand new Nook Touch just yesterday evening, checked some of its features and left it on standby mode for the whole night. While leaving it at night there was some about 80% battery charge but when i saw it in morning it was at 48% (remember it was on Standby). There was no connection on like wifi or any but still so much of battery drainage ? is there any problem with my device or all Nook Simple Touch comes with the same problem ?

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    Re: Nook Simple Touch is using excessive Battery

    No, there is no such problem in my Nook Simple Touch. As i remember i charged mine 2 days ago and it is still with 54% battery. Have you left anything downloading before keeping it on standby ? I guess. Or else your device might be faulty. But before blaming it 100% try out a simple fix. Let the battery go down to 1%, now you put it on charge and continue till it gets to 100%.

    Dont use it for anything in this period. Also make sure your wifi is turned off. Let it charge completely and use it for a day. If you face the same thing again simply get it replaced as soon as possible.

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