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Thread: Sokoban game for Kindle Touch download

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    Sokoban game for Kindle Touch download

    Recently got a Kindle Touch as gift from my colleagues. Very happy to get the device but have few problems using the same as am new to this. Anyways, forget that, i'll manage. Am here to know where can i get a game called Sokoban ? i tried to search web but dint found any for my Kindle Touch version. I found few but those were other kindles. Could you guys please give me direct URL for downloading sokoban game for K touch ? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Sokoban game for Kindle Touch download

    Well i can give you the direct download link but using it may be bit tricky for you in order to play this Sokoban on your Kindle Touch you will need to do some R&D and modify your Kindle's software (firmware). This is actually called Jailbreaking. Yes, it should be jailbroken. You must also have to be installed launcher on your Kindle. If you are able to do so, than simply click here to download Sokoban for your Kindle Touch. It is just 5.5MB in size. Let me know if you face any problem. Remember, i am not responsible for any damage done while jailbreaking or installing this game on your kindle

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