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Thread: How to backup and restore all ebooks from Kindle Fire

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    How to backup and restore all ebooks from Kindle Fire

    Hi,I am having a Kindle Fire ebook reader bought just two weeks ago. Due to some reason I need to format the device. But before that, as my title suggests, I need to backup all my content (ebooks) and want to restore the same after formatting it completely. Now as this is my first ever ebook reader or tablet (whatever we call it) I am new to this and I don’t know how to backup, restore or format.

    So, am here. I request you guys to please let me know step by step process for doing the same. Thank you in advance.

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    Re: How to backup and restore all ebooks from Kindle Fire

    Well the process is very simple dude. You donít need any expertise, relax. You can do it easily in the same way like you backup and restore your smartphones. I hope you have done that with smartphones. Anyways, you just need a Computer, USB cable and your Kindle fire.

    Just start the Kindle Fire. Connect it with your Computer using USB Cable. Go to my Computer and click on the proper drive letter under removable devices. You will see all your folders here available on your Kindle. You can backup them manually (the particular files you want) or simply copy paste all files and save them safely anywhere on your PC. Thatís it. Now format the Device and restore them in the same way. Just copy the folders from your PC and paste them on your Kindle Fire.

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    Re: How to backup and restore all ebooks from Kindle Fire

    Thanks for the help Namchan, really appreciated. First of all, yes i have used smartphones but it was Nokia. And Kindle is completely different from them. So, am new for this.

    Anyway, I did that, copied my required folders and saved them on my desktop PC. Now could you please let me know how and from where can i format my kindle completely ? by completely i mean i want to erase everything from device.

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