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Thread: How to download ebooks from public library

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    How to download ebooks from public library

    Hey guys I am starting this thread to share that you can download ebooks from public library to your digital reading device. The availability of digital content has increased rapidly for their users since e-readers and tablets started becoming popular. I am explaining the ebook downloading process for ipad but you can follow the same for other devices as well, there won’t be much difference between them.

    • The very first step is for getting library card and signing up for an online borrowing PIN. Big library system like New York Public Library and Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County have been issuing library cards for the one paying taxes in their state. You can get e-books from your local library as well but big library systems offers larger selection of titles. You can just check out for the largest library in your state and get a library card from them.
    • After getting the library card you have to download Overdrive Media’s iOS app. If you are not aware of it then I will like to inform you that Overdrive Media is managed by an Ohio-based company offering 15,000 library systems along with 650,000 premium digital titles from 1,000+ publishers.
    • The next steps is to get Adobe ID, you can get it for free and sign up from within Overdrive from the settings. If you are willing to read a borrowed e-book in multiple devices then you should make a note of the Adobe ID to use it further. So after you sign up the Overdrive app will get opened on your bookshelf and the digital titles will be stored there as well. You just have to Tap on Get Books+ button> Tap “Add a Library bar” for opening app’s search function. You can now search for libraries and tap on the name of the library to start borrowing. After that you will get a new page displaying the type of digital content. You can save the source for future downloads by tapping the + sign next to library.
    • Now you can access digital catalog for that you will have to open library catalog, so just return to the bookshelf and see if “Get Books icon” is selected or not. If it is selected then just tap the library’s icon. Once you do that then library’s digital catalog will get opened in Safari automatically. There will be option for searching the catalog so you can type a catalog name and when the copy of it will be available for download then you can “Tap add to elist” option> Tap proceed to checkout> Tap confirm> Tap download button. When you tap on download button the Safari browser will get closed automatically and OverDrive will get opened and title will start getting downloaded. When the downloading process gets completed then the title will appear on your book shelf and you can start reading.

    • If there are no copies then you can request for it as well. You just have to Tap request> Enter library card number and pin > Tap Login now the title will get marked as eHold by the library and you will get an email when it will be available.

    The title will appear as expired title on book shelf and it won’t be renewed through Overdrive so make sure that you are reading the book on the same day.

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    Re: How to download ebooks from public library

    Yes the process is similar for Kindle as well there is not much difference. If anyone is using Kindle here and wants to download ebooks from public library then they can follow these simple steps:
    • Go to Overdrive app> search for book >Click on "Add to basket link"> Click on "proceed to checkout"> sign up with Ibrary card number & PIN number>Click on "confirm for checkout"> click on "Get for Kindle".
    • When you get directed to Amazon then Sign in using Kindle/Amazon account> click on "Get Library Book" > click on "download now"> click on save.
    • Once it gets downloaded then connect your Kindle to the system and move the file to the "documents" folder. After it is moved to the documents folder it will appear on Home screen and you can read it from there.

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