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Thread: Kindle Fire supports HBO GO

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    Kindle Fire supports HBO GO

    I recently read that Kindle Fire will be getting an app for HBO Go, that is we will be able to watch our favorite shows on Kindle using this app. I like to watch True Blood and Games of Thrones that is shown on HBO. But the problem is that many times, I have to work for longer hours at my work and thus, I come late at night at home. This is the reason I miss many of the episodes and get the link of the story broken. I don’t know much about the HBO Go app for Kindle Fire but from what little things I have3 heard about it, I find it interesting. Can someone provide me with more details about it?

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    Re: Kindle Fire supports HBO GO

    Yes, it is true that HBO Go app is releasing for Kindle Fire. This was announced by the president of HBO on June 10th. This app will stream the TV shows, movies and documentaries from HBO’s channel on Kindle Fire. The launch of this app will also mark the launch of fifth season of True Blood. HBO Go app was launched previous year too, but it failed as it was not supported by many versions of Android. But now the problems have been solved and HBO Go will be launched for other devices including smartphones and tablet will be done.

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    Re: Kindle Fire supports HBO GO

    Using the HBO Go app, we would be able to stream live TV as well as old episodes of the TV series that were shown on HBO. The best part of this app is that it allows us to even download certain episodes of the TV series that are available. This means that we won’t be missing much of the episodes of the TV series of HBO. We will be able to stream it at our leisure and watch it. Also while travelling or when at such a place where we won’t be able to watch TV, we can at least stream the HBO’s live TV and enjoy the on-going series or movie. HBO is boasting that it will have around 1400 titles of series and movies that can be viewed by the users. Series like The Sopranos, True Blood, Sex and The City and Entourage are the main attraction of this app.

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