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Thread: Google Sky Map on Kindle Fire is Weird

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    Google Sky Map on Kindle Fire is Weird

    I have been using Kindle Fire but recently I have installed Google Sky Map on the same. The problem that I am facing with the same is that it is not getting aligned properly. I donít know whatís wrong. It is showing opposite direction, I mean when I am facing north then it shows south where as when I am facing east then it shows west. Is there anything I can do about Google Sky Map to get it working properly??? Is there anyone who has faced the same and has any idea about it??

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    Re: Google Sky Map on Kindle Fire is Weird

    I just wanted to know that have you rooted your Kindle Fire?? If not then I donít think it will work properly. The reason behind the same is that Network based location is not capable of working on stock one. If you want to get it working then you will have to enter the coordinates by going in to settings. You just need to go in to Location settings> Set Location manually> Latitude/Longitude enter the Latitude and Longitude accordingly and see if you are able to get Google Sky Map working or not.

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    Re: Google Sky Map on Kindle Fire is Weird

    I am aware of the same, I have not yet rooted Kindle Fire and I am having a stock one. I am using Google Sky Map by entering the Latitude and Longitude after going in to Location settings> Set Location manually> Latitude/Longitude but even after that they are not getting aligned properly. I have checked about the same now and have found others mentioning that the accelerometer of Kindle Fire is not good because of which such issues are occurring.

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    Re: Google Sky Map on Kindle Fire is Weird

    Yes Google Sky Map on Kindle Fire is really weird, even I have tried using the same and faced such issues. Even though it is not having a compass or GPS they should have provided a good accelerometer at least. It works fine on android phones as they have gps but not on Kindle Fire. Some people have mentioned they have got it working after entering Latitude and Longitude and then scrolling the sky but is seems to be quite irritating and it does not work correctly.

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    Re: Google Sky Map on Kindle Fire is Weird

    I have just gone through some article regarding the same and have found that one can run most of the Android App on Amazon Kindle Fire. If you are having Amazon Kindle Fire which is dual-core Android tablet and if you are having an Android phone as well then you just need to use free tools loading android applications in to your Kindle Fire. There is no need of rooting the Kindle Fire as well, you can install any standard Android APK format application. You can just follow the below steps for carrying out that task.
    • You need an android phone having MicroSD card, so if you are having one with the same then go to android Market and Astro File Manager. You just have to make sure that the Astro File Manager is backing up the apps in external SD card rather than the internal memory.
    • First Open Astro and choose File Manage click on Menu> Preferences> select Backup Directory”> click on folder button> click Up button till you get a directory naming /mnt, so now just select sdcard click on ok 2 times and, back 3 times and select Application Backup. Here you just have to select the applications that you might be willing to move to the Fire and click Backup.
    • When you are done with the same then connect your phone to your system and open the phone drive and check out for "backups" folder. Now open "backups" folder> "apps" folder and Copy all APK files to your system.
    • Now from your Kindle Fire download "Easy Installer." From Amazon Appstore, connect your Kindle Fire to your system and move the APK files into it.
    • After that Disconnect Kindle Fire and pick Apps> Easy Installer> Pick an app> Install and you are done!!!

    I also wanted to add the below apps has been tested out as working and non working, just check them out.
    • Astrid
    • Cut the Rope
    • Dolphin Browser HD
    • Dropbox
    • Evernote
    • Fruit Ninja
    • Google Maps
    • Google Translate
    • Guardian Anywhere
    • LastPass
    • NewsRob (Google Reader)
    • Nook
    • NY Times
    • Slacker
    • X Construction
    • YouTube

    Not working:
    • Android Market
    • Blockbuster
    • Google Books
    • Gmail
    • Facebook

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