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Thread: kindle Fire vs kindle 3

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    kindle Fire vs kindle 3

    Can anyone tell me which among this 2 ebook reader will be the best choice, that is, should I choose kindle 3 or kindle Fire? I have found some information about both ebook readers like, reading on a kindle Fire seems like reading on a pc screen but it is totally opposite in the kindle 3 when you read ebook. But then again there is no support of media files in kindle 3? I am only coming to one conclusion that, if i choose kindle Fire then it will give me comfort similar like using a tablet, but with kindle 3 I will be just enjoying the book readings and thats all? What do you people suggest, so that I can make up my mind to purchase one of these devices?

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    Re: kindle Fire vs kindle 3

    Amazon Kindle Fire is often re-called as an "iPad killer" and this is the reason why i would like you to go with it. First of all this e-reader supports flash and many users need this feature to view online video or flash content which is absent on iPad and iPhone. Compared to iPad Wifi edition the latest Amazon Kindle Fire cost only $300 which is quite cheaper. Amazon kindle fire uses a 7-inch screen to get a better grip on one hand where else the ipad 2 screen is of about 10-inch where you need to have big hands like basketball players to carry it with one hand. Kindle Fire weighs only 143 grams where a normal ipad 2 weighs 601 grams. From all of the features, Kindle Fire supports ebooks, music and movies from Amazon, and also provides access to the network via the Silk browser. And perhaps its biggest selling point is the support of Amazon Appstore, which is very similar to the App Store from Apple.

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    Re: kindle Fire vs kindle 3

    I agree with the above, because Kindle fire features a full color 7 inch screen running at a resolution of 1024x600, and one can also expect a lot of computing power coming from its 1 GHz dual-core processor. Kindle fire only comes with 8 GB of disk space, but there is no need to panic as more space can be utilized via the Amazon storage. You can also connect your Kindle Fire into your computer with a micro-USB input, which means that there is a good way to get non-Appstore apps getting installed on the device through the File Manager.

    Amazon Kindle fire is clearly targeted to be media consumption device, and it does the job well. Like other ebook readers, it sits firmly in the hand, making it ideal for reading a book or enjoying the magazine. It does not have a "digital ink" like other devices do, so it will not be easy to read in direct sunlight, but it is a perfect companion for indoors. For those who just cannot spend $400 - $500 for the tablet PC, or who just want one of the best eReaders on the market then Kindle fire is deal for anyone.

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    Re: kindle Fire vs kindle 3

    There are some dis-advantages of purchasing Kindle Fire over Kindle 3. First of all, Kindle 3 has an e-ink which has the advantage of reading ebooks without stressing the eyes, but this feature is lacked in Kindle fire. The new generation e-ink, used in the third model, according to the manufacturer gives a 50% more contrast. In practise, the speed of rendering from the screen allows you to display dynamic elements such as wheel activity in the browser, the load line in the same manner or even a flashing cursor in the Google search field. Secondly, if you hold Kindle 3 in your hand for more than atleast for the whole afternoon you can easily keep on reading but if you hold onto Kindle fire for so much time then you will notice the pain, since it is much heavier. You can even connect the K3 reader to the PC directly and transfer books that comes in the formats TXT, PCR, MOBI and PDF catalog.

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