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Thread: Warranty information on Kindle Touch

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    Warranty information on Kindle Touch

    I have Lenovo G575 Laptop and am using it for reading book and novels. I am carrying my laptop everywhere to just read books and am pretty tired with it. So, recently I though of getting a Kindle touch Ebook reader which has 6Ē inch screen with Multi-touch facility. It is really a nice E-reader and cost is just $99 only, which is quite affordable for all. Normally, where ever I go or sit at any place, I get plenty of WI-Fi connection also and hence it is possible for me to download ebooks from internet also. It has a storage capacity of more than 3,000 E-books, if I am not mistaken. I really want to buy this Kindle touch E-reader but I donít have any information about its warranty. So, does anyone have any idea about warranty of Kindle Touch.

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    Re: Warranty information on Kindle Touch

    I am student of computer engineering and most of the time was I am pretty occupied going to college and classes. I also really love to read books but not have enough time. So, I bought a kindle touch in Jan of 2012. I think it is the best solution for me because I can read many books at my travel time and anywhere when I got a time. It is too compact so I can carry it in my pocket also. Amazon provides One year limited warranty from the date of retail price for all Kindle products and their accessories. If you want to know in detail about Kindle warranty then click on the below link. Help: One-Year Limited Warranty

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    Re: Warranty information on Kindle Touch

    I also have a Kindle touch which I purchased from Amazon. It is a quite good product in this cheap range. It has one year warranty which is provided by Amazon only. I also got minor problem in my charger. So, I claimed the warranty and got a new charger after 15 days. I want to inform you that donít buy this product from another website who are providing it at a lower price. They are not providing proper warranty at the time of claiming. One of friend experienced it, thatís why I am informing you.

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