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Thread: New survey shows a decline in the demand for printed books

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    New survey shows a decline in the demand for printed books

    I recently read a article in one of the website where it was claimed that a lot number of people now prefer to go with the Ebooks only and very less people opt for the printed books, what do you all think how much truth does it hold? I need to know from you all. Since itís a survey conducted they cant be bluffing about the results. Thatís why I need to know what do you all think what could have caused a downfall in the number of people not going with the printed books and opting for the Ebooks is it the technology or is it the easy availability of the Ebooks, which factors gets counted over here. thatís what I need to know from you all.

    I am sure you guys are all experts on this, letís have a good discussion about the same and discuss what could have resulted into the downfall of the printed books? Give your reasons with the supported answers. I am waiting for the reply.

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    Re: New survey shows a decline in the demand for printed books

    I donít care about the survey but for me printed books are a real winner and not the Ebooks. I personally prefer reading in the printed book and not in t he E-reader. Surveys keep on changing and also the total amount of people taken under the survey are a very limited ones and so guessing the nature of the people who read printed books or ebooks will definitely differ. So thatís why I donít have any belief on Surveys which keep coming up everyday. A book is a manís best friend, the comfort of reading a printed book is not as match able as reading a Ebook. Thatís why I would prefer printed book than the Ebooks.

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    Re: New survey shows a decline in the demand for printed books

    I donít agree with this guy out here. well I read both the formats i.e. ebooks as well as printed format. so for me both are equal contenders. I love reading the books in both the formats. Now I must say that Ebooks are in good demand these days there are many factors behind the same. one of them is the easy availability. If you want to read some books then we can easily download it from any website or we can order it online from any online store. So thatís how easy it gets for us to read the Ebooks. The same is not the case with the printed books if we want to read the printed books then we have to go to some library and all to read that books. If we want to order it online then still it takes around 3-4 days to reach the books at our home. One more reason why Ebooks are much preferred because it does not uses much of the spaces. Like printed books, takes a lot of space to store them the same is not the case with the Ebooks. Once we have finished reading ebooks then we can easily delete it while printed books cannot be deleted that way, lol. However the comfort of reading in the printed books is much more than the one we read in the ebooks. Ebook requires a e-reader or a tablet to read it while printed book does not require any such stuffs. So if one is having advantages the other one has the disadvantages but as I said before. For me both are same and I donít really classify them big time. they both are equal for me.

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    Re: New survey shows a decline in the demand for printed books

    Printed books are a physical objects and the joy of sharing the printed books is unmatchable. I have shared so many books with my friends and the feeling that we get while reading this books is simply joyful. The same is not the case with the E-Books. We can keep our hands in the book and start reading them, sharing with it our friends, getting to know new things from it. it is just a physical support that we have with us. I am not at all comfortable reading books in E-Reader, the format of swiping the pages and then reading is simply stupid. Thatís why I donít like E-Books. For me printed books are the real friends and not the Ebooks. I donít believe on all these stupid surveys which come up one day or the another who make such kind of false claims, yes we cannot hide that the demand of the Ebooks are increasing day by day because of the presence of good amount of E-readers as well as tablet pcís. However we should not deny the fact that printed books donít sell well, there are lots of best selling articles out here in the popular online stores you can definitely check them out. So it is very unfair to say that printed books demand have gone down these days.

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