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Thread: Tools for creating digital ebooks/magazines

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    Tools for creating digital ebooks/magazines

    Hi all, I am posting here to have some good suggestion for the tool that can create a good quality digital ebooks as well as digital version for the magazines similar to the archive numbers. I want it to have the copy txt protection that can work properly with the PDF files. Thank you so much for your help in advance. I asked the same on some other sites as well but there is no response from then but I am sure that I will get some quick replies for this. Please reply as soon as possible.

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    Re: Tools for creating digital ebooks/magazines

    I think that the Pressmo will be the best option for you. Pressmo is an interesting utility that allows us to spend our interactive PDF files that allow its publication on websites or we can access and interact with them through other media. Put another way, we make our PDF files to Flash files that allows us, using simple menus, the interaction for the content. This basically has to raise our PDF file. You must take into account that it has no protection. The conversion that it can make must not exceed more than 150MB and if it crosses this boundary then you will not be able to do the conversion.

    Once conversion has occurred, we will be notified by e-mail, although from our user panel (we will have to be registered, the registration will occur automatically the first time you go up a file, when they ask for the email address where give us a password) can manage this and other files that already have converted, where we can access them as a demonstration, and even download them. The worst is that in the free account can only do a few conversions, and also can not choose other visual styles to your documents converted.

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    Re: Tools for creating digital ebooks/magazines

    I am personally using the FlippingBook. With FlippingBook, you can create online magazines and catalogs with effect from turning pages, links and zoom to better visualize the details, so that their applications are limitless. FlippingBook free page flip consists of a number of JavaScript and SWF files to include in an HTML page. Automatically when the page loads a Flash image album with practical and useful additional features will be created:
    • Zoom
    • Pressure
    • Save
    • Navigation

    Publish an ebook attention to detail is a breeze with the software Webpublication. Customize the text of your flipping book by creating a suitable background, choosing colors, menu bars and languages. Use the special application for iPhone, Android Smartphone and tablet to create, publish and update at any time your flash flipping book.

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    Re: Tools for creating digital ebooks/magazines

    If you are looking for best alternative for this then you can also go for the Scribd. Scribd is an online service that works without any installation: only a modern browser with Flash is necessary. Visit their official site and click Sign Up at the top right, then I do not have a Facebook account to open an account on the site itself. Fill in your e-mail address, a username and password, uncheck Send me the newsletter, then click Sign Up. You arrive on your homepage.

    To send a document on Scribd, click the blue button next to the Upload logo, top left. Check the box Make this private paper if you do not want your document to be publicly visible, then click Upload. Then select a document from your hard drive - the main office file formats are considered. Click OK to confirm your submission. Scribd will scan your document. Then give a title, category and subcategory, tags and description and click Save when ready. To retrieve your documents continuously sent to the site, just go to their settings, click on My Shelf, then click the document to edit the row in My Documents. It appears. Locate the top right green button Edit / Delete and click it.

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    Re: Tools for creating digital ebooks/magazines

    I am using the Issuu and I can say that this is the closes thing to the kiosk that exists without having recourse to the paper. Here you will also get the platform so that you will be able to distribute your portfolio easily digitized. The first thing that catches the attention of its attractive appearance Issuu is designed in Flash. There are some good and bad points about this and I am listing them below.

    • Store your printed documents online
    • Share your posts with friends
    • Support and links to other social networks
    • Attractive interface and full of animations

    • Little Spanish content for now

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