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Thread: Book for Hacking Windows XP - Extreme Tech by Steve Sinchak

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    Book for Hacking Windows XP - Extreme Tech by Steve Sinchak

    I have taken an admission in IT Degree and i am taking very much interest in hacking and all things. But i do not want to hack any system by wrong intentions but i just want to hack systems to make some good changes in it. So i thought why not to start with the Windows XP itself which i am using from last 3 years. I have heard that the "Hacking Windows XP - Extreme Tech" written by Steve Sinchak is a nice book for learning the tricks to hack windows xp system and even eBooks are also available. Can anybody tell me that how this book is and should i use it or not?

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    Re: Hacking Windows XP - Extreme Tech by Steve Sinchak

    Hacking Windows XP is the ultimate tweakers handbook, concentrating on customizing the look, increasing the performance and securing Windows XP. Hacking Windows XP is not like other hacking books, if you want random tips and tricks, buy another book. But if you want one of the most complete tweaking books ever written, Hacking Windows XP is for you.

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    Re: Book for Hacking Windows XP - Extreme Tech by Steve Sinchak

    Chapters included in the "Hacking Windows XP" books are as follows.
    1. Customizing the Look of the Startup.
    2. Customizing User Navigation.
    3. Hacking the Desktop.
    4. Customizing the Appearance of the Windows Interface.
    5. Hacking Windows Explorer.
    6. Exploring Other Windows Enhancements.
    7. Analyzing Your System.
    8. Speeding Up the System Boot.
    9. Making Your Computer Load Faster.
    10. Making Your Computer More Responsive.
    11. Speeding Up Your Computer.
    12. Protecting Your Computer from Intruders.
    13. Fighting Spam, Spyware, and Viruses.
    14. Protecting Your Privacy.

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    Re: Book for Hacking Windows XP - Extreme Tech by Steve Sinchak

    I think this book would be perfect for the newbie programmers as hacking the windows operating system would be fun for these kind of students. And Steve Sinchak is not a bad writer so there must be many simple way to understand the concepts used in windows operating system. So i think you should go reading this book as you will find it very much useful.

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    Re: Book for Hacking Windows XP - Extreme Tech by Steve Sinchak

    This book is great source to understand the working and back end of the Windows XP operating system. This book does not contain any content which make you hack this operating system but it would be giving you the knowledge about customizing the Windows XP operating system so you must not take Hacking term in a negative way.

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