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Thread: need book on c++

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    Post need book on c++

    Hi ,Im a computer sci student sO I need an ebook on c and c++ which starts frm scratch ,ie for the beginner level .As per my search dietel have such books on c and c++ so plz cud any 1 post them ,any other such books r also welcome.
    plz recommend books
    Thanx in advance.

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    ebooks on these languages sucks its would be better if u would go and get urself a hardcopy
    Paul wang is one but not avalable in world rite now.. seriously i m repenting having this book nothing great about it.

    i think dietel summarises 2-3 languages so IMO not tht good either
    there is a book Complete reference in C by yashwant u can go for tht

    just search this forum u will bump on some books in C/C++

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    Just search the Ebook forum.There u will get tons of link for c/c++ books.

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    I know tons of books on c and c++ but i dont know which 1 to refer which will actually serve my purpose which I have mentioned above.
    I will even buy a hrd copy of thaT BOOK BUT I CANT KEEP ON BUYING HRD CPY OF EVERY SECOND BOOK

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    I feel for the concept wise there are two good books on c++.
    Thinking in C++ by Bruce Eckel and Learning C++ - A Hands-on Apporach by Eric Nagler. Bruce Eckel book you can get on the net freely. Eric Nagler is also a very good book. I don't think this book you can get on net.

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    i m assuming u are workin on Turbo C++ and not on Visual C++ as u said u r a CS student (most colleges have TC in course) ..So here are my recos for starting from scratch ..
    1.C++ programming -- E. Balaguruswamy (not sure abt the title)(excellent 5stars)
    2.C++ by Ravichandran(good , pretty exhaustive stupid simple lots of xamples , )
    3.Let us C++ by Yashwant Kanitkar(not sure ..never read it..but many others reco it)
    Consult any book from above

    For C i reco onlyyyy 1 book i.e The C programming Language by Kerningham and Ritchie
    (i have the ebook if u want it...btw its a gr8 keep only for rs100/-)

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