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Thread: Want to create Ebook from MS word documents.

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    Want to create Ebook from MS word documents.

    I have some notes written in Ms word & i want to share them with my friends over the Internet as Ebook.
    Now the question how can i make this files into ebooks?
    Please help me if anyone knows how to convert those files into ebooks I dont want to write it all over again.

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    re: Want to create Ebook from MS word documents.

    Well there are many programs available over the internet you can use one of them to convert your ms word document into ebooks.

    You can also use programs that convert word documents into pdf files.

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    Re: Want to create Ebook from MS word documents.

    Hey you can see refer to this previous topic for further details.
    Create Ebook
    Hope this helps you.

    For softwares you can get many products over the internet.

    If you really want the space-saving doc format, there used to be a MS Word macro that would convert a file to doc (that's Palm Doc or Aportis Doc - confusing, isn't it?) format. Actually, having just done a google search, I found two macros that do the conversion - but it should be noted that they both require Word 97 or 2k, no mention of XP. Anyway, here are the links I found:

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