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Thread: make hidden files invisible in search of windows 7

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    make hidden files invisible in search of windows 7

    I am having windows 7 ultimate desktop. Yesterday i made a word document with very important and confidential information and made hidden from properties as there are 2 users account on this system. But the problem am facing now is when i type the file name (i named that file as 'mydoc') in search bar under start menu, it displays the file Thats surprising. If it is displaying while searching than what the meaning of making it hidden.

    Is there any way to make such hidden files invisible while searching ? If yes, please let me know.

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    Re: make hidden files invisible in search of windows 7

    Possibly there are two reasons that makes hidden files visible in the search. First, if you have viewed the file after saving it and second if you have set to show hidden files in Folder Options. So, check it and if it is enabled, disable it. You can do this by opening windows explorer > Organize > Folder & Search Option > View Tab > Dont Show hidden files.

    Thats it, it will no longer show up in search now onwards.

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    Re: make hidden files invisible in search of windows 7

    There are various other ways you can hide your docs, music, videos or any kind of file. Even if though they will be visible to anyone, probably they will not open it or they wont be able to open it. For example, you can change the file format and keep it at any safe place where people visit very rarely. Suppose if i have a W8 trailer in flv format. I renamed it similar to some system file name and changed its extension to unknown format. See image:

    Now, nobody knows what kind of file it is (infact even i dont know what kind of extension .mbb is ). So, even if it is visible now, no one can open it, but i know it is flv format and i can view it by changing its format to .flv.

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    Re: make hidden files invisible in search of windows 7

    I do the same thing. usually i keep my explorer settings to dont show hidden files, and dare if window can show it further. Alternatively, i save my documents, music, videos etc in a separate folder. Later i change its name to something "Internet Explorer" and change its icon. You can see the same in the image below.

    As you can see, my files are now turned into internet icon, and no body knows actually what are hidden behind it. I can move it to somewhere safe place.

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