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Thread: Download Steam Engine Theme for Windows 8

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    Download Steam Engine Theme for Windows 8

    I am a huge fan of video games and hence most of the time i remain on Steam. One more thing i like on steam is its steam engine user interface. As of now am having a Windows 8 consumer preview and surely going to buy its final version in October, but as of now i have seen few gamers have installed Steam Engine Theme on their Windows 8 system. From where they got this download and how to install it on windows 8 ? Even i want to do the same, could you guys please help me out ?

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    Re: Download Steam Engine Theme for Windows 8

    You can download Windows 8 Steam theme from here. It is small in size (just 3MB) and very easy to install. You just need to download and move it to Windows 8 Steam skin folder. Double click to run and you are done. It looks very nice, see this image:

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    Re: Download Steam Engine Theme for Windows 8

    hey, thanks for sharing this. Even i am a steam gamer using windows 8 but i was not aware of this. This seems something new and interesting. Before i download it can you please let me know what features we will get with the same ?

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    Re: Download Steam Engine Theme for Windows 8

    Here are the few changes and fixes you will get with this updated skin:

    • Steam Community Update support
    • Overlapping with the avatar area fixed because of URLBar moved to bottom left
    • Cleaned up and slimmed down steam.styles
    • Notification Popup - New Icons + Text Adjustments
    • Fixed Download Status Bar Positioning
    • Scrollbar position fix and size tweak
    • Page margin tweaks
    • New Small Dropdown Arrow
    • Tweaked Margins and Spacing chat window
    • Everything resizes dynamically based on window size
    • Font tweaks
    • tweaked right bar positioning

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