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Thread: Even after removing mac os x skin pack, computer looks like mac pc

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    Even after removing mac os x skin pack, computer looks like mac pc

    I have been running windows 7 in my system and I had downloaded a mac x skin pack but I have not uninstalled the same. The problem that I am facing now is that I can see some instances of it even after uninstalling mac skin pack. My screen is still looking like a mac pc, I don’t know if I had missed anything, is there anyone who can help me out??

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    Re: Even after removing mac os x skin pack, computer looks like mac pc

    If the above solution does not help then you can try using SFC /SCANNOW Command. If at all you are not aware of the same then I will like to inform you that SFC /SCANNOW Command runs a scan for checking the integrity of all protected system files, if it finds that there is something wrong with any of the system files then it repairs it as well. To run sfc scannow command you just have to follow the below simple steps:
    • Go to start type “cmd “without the quotes in the search and hit enter, now run cmd as administrator.
    • When the command prompt window gets opened then “sfc /scannow” without the quotes and hit enter.
    • The process will start and end on its own, it might take a little bit of time so wait and do not interrupt the process in between. Once the process gets over then simply reboot the machine and check out if your issue has been solved or not.

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    Re: Even after removing mac os x skin pack, computer looks like mac pc

    I have tried out using revouninstaller but that does not seems to be making any difference, I can still see the instances of mac os x skin. I have tried using it several times and had made sure that I am rebooting the system after the un-installation process. Other than this I have tried using SFC /SCANNOW Command by following the solution mentioned above but it is resulting in an "verification error" after some times. I have tried running it again and again but it gives the same error every time. Is there anything else that I can try out further to get rid of mac os x skin instances?? I really need to sort it out somehow because the screen is appearing weird now, so any further help regarding this will be highly appreciated.

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    Re: Even after removing mac os x skin pack, computer looks like mac pc

    Your issue is appearing quite weird now, anyways I will suggest you to try doing a system restore and check out if you are getting any help from it. You can follow the below steps for doing system restore:
    • Go to start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools >System Restore and click on System Restore button and click on next.
    • If you have done system restore previously then you can choose a different restore point, this point refers to a point when you were not having any such issue in your system.
    • You will have a list of restore point so choose the one before the issue started and then click on “Show affected programs and drivers” button. Here you will come to know about the programs that will be getting affected because of the restore, so you can go through them and make a note of the crucial ones you need so that you can install then later.
    • Once you have checked out the program list then click on Close button, then Next button and lastly on Finish button.

    The process might take time and will prompt you with a confirmation saying that restore was successful, so make sure that you are not interrupting the process till then, best of luck.

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    Re: Even after removing mac os x skin pack, computer looks like mac pc

    I have tried out System Restore as well but I was not able to find out an actual point, anyways I did tried with the possible restore points that where in the list but unfortunately I don’t seem to have any luck with it as well. It appears as if the windows itself has got corrupted, I don’t know why but I feel that I will have to now make a clean installation of whole windows?? what do you think guys? Is there any other solution that I can try out rather than reinstalling windows?

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    Re: Even after removing mac os x skin pack, computer looks like mac pc

    If you want then you can try doing a Repair Install to fix it, you will need a windows 7 installation disc for your windows edition. So just backup everything so that you don’t risk the crucial data that you might be having in your system and go ahead with the below steps:
    1. Start your system normally by logging as an administrator and then disable 3rd party firewall, antivirus etc.
    2. Now insert your windows 7 installation disc and Run setup.exe option in AutoPlay. You might be prompted for entering admin user id and password so enter the same and proceed.
    3. When you get the installation window then click on Install Now button then un- check “I want to help make Windows installation better” option and click on “Go online to get the latest updates for installation” option.
    4. After windows check for the updates and come up with it then check mark “accept the license term” and click on Next and then on Upgrade option.
    5. If windows report any compatibility issues then you will have to fix it first and will have to restart the repairing process. Windows will restart a couple of times for completing the process so don’t interrupt the same until it comes with a screen saying “Setup is preparing your computer for first use”
    6. After that message you will have to enter Windows 7 product key number, so enter the same and uncheck “Automatically activate Windows when I'm online” option and click on Next button.
    7. Now Click on Use recommended settings and Select appropriate time zone and click next. You will have to select the correct network location type as well. So after setting up all these things Windows 7 will prepare your desktop to startup.
    8. Once the process gets finished properly then you can proceed with the Disk Cleanup method. If you find any system files to be missing then you can get then back from C:\Windows.old.

    Disk Cleanup method:
    1. Go to start >All Programs > Accessories > System Tools >Click on Disk Cleanup and select the drive on which you want to perform Disk Cleanup and click on ok.
    2. A scanning process will start for some time and after that in the Disk clean up window you can checkmark the type of files you want to delete and click on ok.
    3. You can delete and uninstall Unnecessary Non-System Files, Unnecessary System Files and other programs and features.
    4. Once you are done with all that you can also Delete Most Recent System Restore Point as well. If you think that you won’t need them later.

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