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Thread: Explorer.exe is crashed due to Windows Theme Changer in windows 7

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    Explorer.exe is crashed due to Windows Theme Changer in windows 7

    Am having some serious issue with my Windows 7 Ultimate edition. System was working great, never had any problem with the same till yesterday. I was actually trying to change the theme of my system as it as very old. As soon as i clicked OK to apply a new theme, my Windows Explorer just crashed with an error message saying :

    explorer.exe-Application Error "the application was unable to start correctly(0xc000007b)"
    My theme was also not changed and explorer.exe crashed. Since than i am just unable to work any more on my pc coz it keeps on crashing with the above error. Please help me to fix it asap.

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    Re: Explorer.exe is crashed due to Windows Theme Changer in windows 7

    The main cause for the above mentioned error use to be any changes in system files or if any of these system file get corrupt. So, the first thing you should to fix it is to run system file Checker. If you dont know how to do it, follow this:
    • Type command prompt in the start menu.
    • Right click command prompt and click on Run as Admin
    • Type sfc.exe /scannow in cmd and hit enter

    NOTE, do it in Safe Mode as your system is not working in normal mode.

    Thats it. if still you face the same error than try restoring your system to any working restore point. It will work for sure. Let me know the results.

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