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Thread: Unable to install UxStyle, error "theme subsystem (uxtheme.dll) has been tampered"

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    Unable to install UxStyle, error "theme subsystem (uxtheme.dll) has been tampered"

    My system is running on windows 7 and whenever I am trying to install UxStyle then I am getting an error message saying "Your theme subsystem (e.g uxtheme.dll, themeui.dll) has been tampered with. Uxstyle requires these files be restored before you continue”. I don’t know what is the issue all about and I have tried installing it several times but no luck. I have tried finding out the missing files but I am not able to find them out. Is there anyone who can help me out with the same?

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    Re: Unable to install UxStyle, error "theme subsystem (uxtheme.dll) has been tampered"

    I am not sure but I think that there is some other program that it interfering with installation of UxStyle. Just make sure that you are closing other program in the background while installing UxStyle. I also wanted to know if you have installed any other theme recently ? If yes then you can try uninstalling the same and check out it is making any difference. If you still get the same error then try searching for the missing dll files, you might have to change the view settings as there are possibilities that the file may be hidden. Anyways try out the solution that I have suggested you and let me know if anyone of them is helping you out.

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    Re: Unable to install UxStyle, error "theme subsystem (uxtheme.dll) has been tampered"

    I have tried closing all the other program running in the background while installing UxStyle but that’s not appearing to be making any difference. I am still getting the same error message again and again, I have rechecked for the missing file after changing the view setting for showing hidden files and folders but no luck yet.

    The search result says not file found, is there anything else that I need to check? Or is there any other solution that I can try out further??

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    Re: Unable to install UxStyle, error "theme subsystem (uxtheme.dll) has been tampered"

    If above solution doesn’t help then you can try out the below ones:

    Run SFC /SCANNOW Command:
    First open a command prompt and make sure that you are running it as administrator, type “sfc /scannow” without the quotes and hit enter. When you do so then a scan will run and it will verify integrity of all protected system files and will repair them as well. Once the scanning process gets completed then you can close command prompt and try out installing UxStyle again.

    You can refer to the below steps for installing UxStyle if you think you are missing any:
    • First Disable User Account Control and then download UxStyle and save it to the desktop
    • Now Extract the files from the downloaded content and run the installer. Here you should make sure that you are running the installer matching your architecture: x86 or x64. If you choose the wrong one then you might face some issues.
    • After choosing the right installer and running it simply follow the instruction that you get on the screen and reboot your computer after the installation.
    • Once you are able to install UxStyle successfully then you can enable User Account Control again.

    Just try the above solutions one by one and post back if you face any issue, I will try to help you out with other possible solution as well.

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