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Thread: Install Mac menu bar in windows 7

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    Install Mac menu bar in windows 7

    Yesterday I visited my friends place and there I saw a Mac system the first time. Trust me I was really impressed with its features and look. Apple is really to make such system. However one thing that impressed me the most was its menu bar. I was really surprised to see it on the desktop. I never knew that Mac have menu bar at the top of its desktop. There were other things too that gave me a mere surprise but the menu bar option at the desktop was the ultimate one.

    Now about me, at my place I do have a windows 7 desktop machine which is running great and I am really satisfied with the perform I get from it. This is why I am now stuck at one place. As I said I loved the Menu bar of Mac but just for that feature I cannot compromise or drop my windows 7 system. I have been genuine user of windows from past 2 years so therefore I canít even think of switch to Apple in any case. Guys, I need your help. Please let me know how I can get settled with both the things. I mean I wanted to have that menu bar feature but do not want to sacrifice or loose my windows 7 system. Is there any way to implement mac menu bar in windows 7?

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    Re: Install Mac menu bar in windows 7

    This is something weird that you are asking for. There might be very less people who would be in need of such menu bar option on windows 7. You have taken the requirement at more height by specifying the Menu bar of Mac. Anyways, its not that much impossible as I am speaking. You can get a menu bar in you windows 7 systems with the help of a program called as Stardock but let me tell you that this menu bar is not going to be exactly the same as you wanted i.e. Mac menu bar. if you are just looking out for a menu bar for your convenience then definitely you can go for a ObjectBar. Just download it and let me know whether you liked it or not. If not then donít worry I have few more program of a similar kind that could be liked by you.

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    Re: Install Mac menu bar in windows 7

    Thatís not at all a good option I must say. Firstly let me tell you that the program or the app that has been suggested above is nowhere going to meet your requirements. Secondly, this app is not for free at all so doing not think that if you can download it and then remove if you do not like it at all. Once you pay for it you have no other option than using it into your machine. You wont believe even I am in search of the same menu bar on my windows XP system but didnít get any success yet. If ObjectBar is the kind of program that you are looking out for then I have many others such related programs that better than Objectbar and also they are best at working. I think RocketDock and ObjectDock are the one that could suite your requirement if ObjectBar is the one for you.

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    Re: Install Mac menu bar in windows 7

    Why donít you go for WinMac? I am sure this is the one that you are looking out for your windows XP machine. WinMac meets up all the criteria of a menu bar in your windows and also it provides you will the same Menu bar that you see on a Mac system. Overall it fulfills your requirement in two ways. If you are looking of for just a menu bar for your windows system then it would work and if you are looking out for a Mac menu bar in your windows system even then it would work. The best thing about this program is that it is for free of cost and not additional price is included on it so simply go for downloading it in your machine right now. Unfortunately it is not meant for the windows 7 user. I have not seen the recent update of this program but as far as I remember this app was only available for windows XP and lower version and not for windows 7.

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