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Thread: How to delete and create combined effects with Deskscapes 3.5

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    How to delete and create combined effects with Deskscapes 3.5

    I want to use Deskscapes on my windows 7 system. I found my friend using the same and it was really very interactive. I need some tips to begin with this. As I had not used it before, I worry that this might not slowdown my system. I want some help to find to create effect in this software. What are the possible things that I can try out. Thanks.

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    Re: How to delete and create combined effects with Deskscapes 3.5

    DeskScapes is very easy to use. You do not need to worry about the changes. It comes with single interface window where are settings are simply listed. You can add up different kind of images in the same and then play them. According to me if you have a good system around 2GB ram, then it looks working fine. You can add up live wallpapers and different background images to create interactive effects. What you are worrying about is the interface which is quiet attractive. I am still using this and found it better. I turn that on when I am not using my system, because when I aon internet or playing games, the system gets slower. It is not recommended at the time of playing games. There can be certain black screen. The interface which I am talking about is the single window on screen that show you different buttons and panels. This panels can allow to set the transparency rate, the type of effect you want, etc. The best part of this tool is that, it provides you a hybrid combination of using a pic + video. That is rarely found in any other tool. I had created a set of images which I setup on the backside and a video in the end. It makes the screen more dynamic. It is possible to filter the background as per your need. Also it is possible to change the image color. If you do not want to play with images much then you can visit stardock website and download free animated wallpapers from there.

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    Re: How to delete and create combined effects with Deskscapes 3.5

    Thje live wallpaper image size used on this is around 15 mb minimum. Don't you think that adding that much live wallpaper on your screen background will slow up the system. It is really not tough to create and manage effects on this tool. But you need to check systems performance also.

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    Re: How to delete and create combined effects with Deskscapes 3.5

    This tool has a very basic configuration window. Below you can check the image. It gives you a automated bar setting to change wallpaper based on time. Second you can give the location of directory where all the images are stored. Other than this the software also provides you option to control images on different monitors which are rarely found on other tools. There are no custom theme option available here. The effect that you are talking about might be available in the pro version. The cost of that version is $19.95. Deskscapes is a nice tool, but I too agree that it is not recommended for a slow system. Anyhow it is possible to manage your existing wallpaper and add effects to that. It gives you option to modify the settings of every wallpaper you have. There is a free version of this tool which gives you minimal effects. But the pro version is more effective with advance options. What I found that it is good in animating your desktop. Not more than that. I love the live wallpapers that are available for download on official site. Compared to live wallpaper you can give effects to the images like sepia, or mirror.

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    Re: How to delete and create combined effects with Deskscapes 3.5

    If you are talking about the custom effects then one thing you will need to ensure that you are in admin account. I noticed that the tool does not keep effects commonly save for all accounts. I am not sure why this happen. But just try to create your own effect in admin first.

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    Re: How to delete and create combined effects with Deskscapes 3.5

    Deskscapes is a good tool. To create a new effect you have to go in custom settings. It is quiet easier. The easiest way to find answer is by the guide which comes with the tool. The effect is safe in the form of .dream file. To make your own dream download a trial of this tool and along with that you will get a additional tool called as DreamMaker. The image that you can see below belongs to that tool. It is divided into the following parts. First the Dream Name then comes the Description and last comes a thumbnail image of your dream file. You can then trigger the content. You can add a Video file, dynamic content or hybrid depends on your choice. To add a video file you have to ensure that the video file must not be above 150mb. The most lowest video the more better it will run in the background. The higher video size the more slower system became. You can add a resource meter which will give you information on your current cpu/ram usage. Dynamic content consist of live wallpapers or mixed content. There is no way here to create that from scratch. You will have to build a mixture of that and then load it on the tool. It is quiet easier to use. I think there might be something provided in the pro version of this software.

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    Re: How to delete and create combined effects with Deskscapes 3.5

    Click on the below link to find the guide of what you are asking. The guide gives complete detail from creating a dream to configuring the tool as per your need with images. Or else you can try some video sites to find a more basic helpful tutorial on the same.

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