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Thread: Where to download BumpTop 3D Desktop

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    Where to download BumpTop 3D Desktop

    Has anyone seen this 3D desktop. I got a video of the same, that was awesome. I cannot locate the download. In some article I found that this is a free tool, but from where we can download this. Is there any way I get this free just for testing purpose.

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    Re: Where to download BumpTop 3D Desktop

    Bumptop is being acquire by Google, and there is no free download available for that I do not know if Google plans to sell that or not. But it is really awesome tool. My friend has used this some time ago. I thought this as a weird desktop which might be resource intensive. Bumptop turns your entire desktop in a type of virtual desk. You can simply drag your icons, throw them anywhere you want. It looks more realistic. But I am not sure that this might work smoothly on every system or not. This can be resource intensive to some extent. I tried to locate the download of this software on torrent sites also. There is download available, but I am not sure how much secure that it is. Because torrent software can contain virus and if you install them your system will be infected. Torrent sources cannot be trusted. I found the official site of bumtop which says that they are acquired by Google and they are discontinuing the download. I do not know what Google is going to do with this. Yet I had not noticed any information on the same. I tried to locate a similar tool in comparison to bump top. But this has too exclusive design. Like you can simply manager your social network on it also. It gives you notification and other updates on the same. Compared to that navigation is far more easier here. You can group icons on the basis of functions and setup hanging pictures on the screen.

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    Re: Where to download BumpTop 3D Desktop

    Yes it is right, Google had acquired bumtop. They might be working on providing a better user interface on Google os. But not sure. There is no official news yet on this, whether is Google working on this or not.

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    Re: Where to download BumpTop 3D Desktop

    I will advice you to have a look on Shock Desktop 3D once. This software is quiet similar to bumtop. I will not say that this is exactly the same. It is quiet light in comparison to bumtop and easy to use also. I can say that it is a good and simple alternative for this purpose. But it will not provide you all features of Bumptop. It also offers you a 3d desktop that you can simply use by pressing windows + tab key. It is somewhat similar to Windows 7 Aero. Other than this tool also provided you to properly manager your documents on your desktop. It is easy to use and it is quiet simple to manage your icons on the same. The tool also offer you a simple 3D look, and some customization offer to add good background. Anyhow I almost do not recommend to use a 3D desktop because as time goes one the system get slow and slower. You need a good gpu and ram for such kinds of tools.

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    Re: Where to download BumpTop 3D Desktop

    If you need a simple tool to get good effects on your screen then go for Fences. This is far more better and easy to use. It also works fine any kind of system resources.

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