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Thread: Looking for nice launcher for Windows XP

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    Looking for nice launcher for Windows XP

    I am using Windows XP from quiet old time. Not really interested to move to Windows 7. My system is configured like a announcement device. It is shared on network and there are two monitors attached to it. The one which I use and the other is set for viewing. I have a habit of saving all file on the desktop. I have two partitions of 120GB and other one of 40GB. There are certain videos which are made by other department. The videos are then uploaded on a network shared folder. I copy them to my desktop to play them via video player. This player has an feature of playing video based on time settings. I cannot link the video directly on network drive. When the desktop is overloaded Windows XP works very slow. Someone recommended me to kee a clean desktop and move my files inside other partition. I can do that. Also I want to remove all the icons from screen. I just want a plain desktop where the video player will play video at time interval. I had disable task bar and also removed recycle bin. Now to launch programs I need a good launcher. Can anyone provide me good suggestion on that. Thanks.

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    Re: Looking for nice launcher for Windows XP

    Whatever you said, is too confusing. The only thing I understood is the last part where you are asking for a launcher. I can give you some information on that. I am providing you only those which use lowest system resource. They work nicely and are easy to customize. The one that I will recommend you is DE Launcher. This is nice and easy to use. You can simply set this on the top of your screen. It is like a icon dock. You can addup icons in it and leave it running. It looks very similar to task bar. I had used this as an alternative for RocketDock. Because RocketDock is too resource intensive. If you need a more portable version there is one more app that you can try. RK Launcher is a dock type app that runs on the lower part of your screen. It is a bit flashy and looks nice to use. And if you do not need any flash dock icon bar, then you can use a more lighter and simpler version called as FSL Launcher. It is list a small box that is divided into number of categories. Like under audio you can list the players, under internet you can list all the browsers and so on. It is very easy to customize and simple to use. Give a try to FSL Launcher.

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    Re: Looking for nice launcher for Windows XP

    I had used 8start Launcher. It appear like a black tab on your screen on the left side. You can add more than icons to it. You can add you favorite webpage, you can view your system resources and I think this quiet light to use. Or else use Colibri. It appear like a popup box in the center of desktop. Inside the search box you have to just type the name of software you want to run. Like type Firefox. Then download click on the result link below.

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    Re: Looking for nice launcher for Windows XP

    I am also having some recommendations. You can try Launchy. This is one of the best launcher I had seen. After installation you can just see a bar on your desktop. There is also a dedicated key by which it appears. The left side is the searchbox. Type a name of application like Firefox. You can see firefox log in center, when you click on that it will launch the browser. It also looks a bit different. This launcher is not just application launcher but more than that. You can find your files and folder in this, you can also open your office documents. It is possible to make your own shortcuts also. Along with this Launchy comes with number of third part plugins. This add more to the feature. It is quiet powerful. I don't know how you got that taskbar removed. Instead of removing you can keep it on auto-hide. One more launcher which is similar to this is called as Find and Run Robo. Right now I am usin git. By pressing Pause Break key it appear in the center of screen. You have to then type the name of program you want to launch. I found is bit good to use and it uses the low system resource. It is very helpful.

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    Re: Looking for nice launcher for Windows XP

    I will not advice you to use any kind of dock as it can make your system slow. It is recommended that you use the a small finder type app. What you can do is copy all the icon of programs from program files and then keep them in single place. This shortcuts are kind of launcher. Then create a folder somewhere in D. If you had not deleted task bar then on that right click New > Toolbar > Choose the shortcut folder. You can get all that in one place.

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