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Thread: Unable to install UxStyle, some dll files missing

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    unsure Unable to install UxStyle, some dll files missing

    My system run on windows 7 and I have been trying to install UxStyle. The problem that I am facing here is that when I am trying to install UxStyle then I get a message saying that my theme subsystem (e.g uxtheme.dll, themeui.dll) are corrupted which are required by Uxstyle for continuing with the installation. So I wanted to know how I can fix uxtheme.dll and themeui.dll.Is there anything I can do about the same?? Any suggestions?

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    Re: Unable to install UxStyle, some dll files missing

    I think I can help you out here, actually I have found one who was having same issue but later he was able to fix it out by using SFC /SCANNOW Command and then following installation method of UxStyle. If you are not aware of this command then I will like to inform you that this command will repair system files along with the corrupt .dll

    Using SFC /SCANNOW Command:

    For running SFC /SCANNOW Command at Boot- if you are having a Windows full version installation DVD or a created repair CD then set the boot order from the bios, insert the CD and restart the system. When it says "Press any key ... " prompt then hold "Shift" key and hit F10 for opening command window. When the command window gets opened then type “diskpart” without the quotes and then type “list volume” without the quotes and hit enter. After that type exit and press enter and type sfc /scannow /offbootdir=c:\ /offwindir=f:\windows where offbootdir=c: is the Operating System partition where as the offwindir=f: is the Windows OS partition that need to be repaired. Now after the above command there will be a blinking curser and the repair process will start. When the process gets completed then type exit and press enter for closing the command window.
    For running SFC /SCANNOW Command in Windows 7: First open command prompt and make sure you are running as administrator. Now type “sfc /scannow” without the quotes and hit enter. When you are done with the same then you will have to verify the System Files to see if they are Corrupted or not. For that type “sfc /verifyonly” without quotes and hit enter.When the scan gets completed then close the command prompt.

    After using the SFC /SCANNOW Command you can try out enabling Custom Themes without Modifying System Files. In order to do so just disable User Account Control and get the UxStyle Core Beta from here. After downloading it save it to the location you want or on the desktop and extract the files from it. Now run the installer as per your architecture: x86 or x64 and follow the instructions further. When the installations get’s completed then just restart the system and Enable User Account Control.

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