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Thread: How to add Desktop Name in Mission Control in Mac OS X Lion

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    How to add Desktop Name in Mission Control in Mac OS X Lion

    Hello friends, I was surfing the internet and founded that there was user who has a name to each of its desktop and it was done in Mission Control, so looking at that I was very much surprised that how he was able to do it? When I try to find it out then did not have any such kind of information about it. So I would like to know that it is possible to do it such that giving the names to each of the desktop. I am very much confused and it is very much shocking for me that how come it show the name in Mission Control? If you people know that how does it works then please do tell me I would like to try for me. Thank you.

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    Re: How to add Desktop Name in Mission Control in Mac OS X Lion

    You are able to do it, just need to customize a single photo and add the name in that after which you can assign it to particular background such that each of the desktop will be having different background photos. If you are using Mac OS X lion then it gives the permission to set a different desktop picture in each space according to yourself. For all this you have to go to System Preferences in that just add that that select the photo from Desktop & Screen Saver which you wanted to have in the desktop. Once you have selected it then enter to Mission Control and drag the System Preferences to some other space and just go to it. Once you are in that then change desktop picture over there and also you will be find out that it is having effect on the current space and also the changes which you will be doing is maintained till the time the system is restarted again, even it remains if you have not selected to reopen windows when logging back in.

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    Re: How to add Desktop Name in Mission Control in Mac OS X Lion

    The concept of Mission Control in OS X Lion is so intuitive that most users will get used to it after several minutes after installation. It is very convenient to organize your workspace, distributing it to different working desktops, thereby leaving the maximum amount of free space for needed programs. With Mission Control, users can also switch between multiple programs that were running during their work, we must admit that this method of switching between applications must appeal to many, because in addition to direct switching between applications, the user can optionally also "throw" any program to another desktop.

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    Re: How to add Desktop Name in Mission Control in Mac OS X Lion

    Mission Control is definitely one of the major innovations, and to be precise, it is a complete rethinking of the concept of Expose and Spaces, which are available to Mac users, have a sufficiently long time. Expose function first appeared in OS X Panther, debuted in October 2003. The window manager was so important to the users themselves that in the end it was highlighted by a special key on the keyboard. After the operating system Leopard, this manager was very refined, after which it was added a new feature and this "bunch" was named Expose & Spaces. With the release of OS X Lion once again decided to radically modify and change a little this tandem, for which no longer require Soft-pedal keys, but if you are a supporter of the keyboard, you can take advantage of all features Mission Control directly from the keyboard.

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    Re: How to add Desktop Name in Mission Control in Mac OS X Lion

    I would like to tell that the Mission Control spaces are being name as Desktop 1, desktop 2 and so on; even they are name as per the full-screen application which is “IS” the space. If you just check out that space then it is named as 'Mail', 'Safari', 'Terminal', etc such that these are application which are being running in full-screen mode in t hose particular desktop. There were more than that, such that there was a program known as 'Hyperspaces' which was allowing the user to change the name of that space in SL but this program was not being update for Mac OS X lion till now.

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