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Thread: Object Dock Lags while Scrolling

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    Object Dock Lags while Scrolling

    I am using object dock in my Windows 7 system. This is a pretty cool dock I found for Windows. I am facing some issue with this. The setup was fine. After installation I added a number of icons to it. I had seen that the it lags when I mouse hover on it. Also the icons are not fitting as per the size of current icons in dock and they look entirely different. It looks very ugly on my screen. Can I increase the size of this dock. I am planing to get rid of this and get another better dock which can offer me following. Is there any better dock on Windows which can help to customize each and everything I want.

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    Re: Object Dock Lags while Scrolling

    About which scrolling you are talking about. Object dock does not has any feature for scrolling. You might be using scroll to choose the icons. Object offer you customization feature. You can check in the settings. I am sing this on the right side of my desktop. It works fine. You can try re-installing this properly. The lag appear when the system is too busy or when Object dock is not installed properly. You can add as many icons as you can in it with nice animation. Or if you are looking for a simple dock with multiple icons support then go for Rocket Dock. Rocket Dock offers you to choose custom skins which you can download from web also. The animation used in this is much more smoother and also the same lies for icons. What I like about Rocket Dock is more cleaner interface to add shortcuts to it. There is no mess in it.You can download a number of addons for the same from official site.

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    Re: Object Dock Lags while Scrolling

    Just remove object dock and re-install it. That's all. Or if still you are facing issue that it means that dock might not be proper. Yo will have to arrange a new setup for the same. Or else if you are ready to quit it then there is one more you can try. It is called as XWindows Dock. I am suing this a for a long time and found it very simple. It gives a much similar lock of Mac dock on the lower part. It has ample of animation effect to see and makes your desktop attractive. There are lots of customization feature available here.

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