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Thread: how to get Animated Wallpapers run all the time

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    how to get Animated Wallpapers run all the time

    As I was interested in placing an Animated Wallpaper on my Childs desktop , I was running with some minor issues. I am completely new and donít have any idea regarding it. I made an purchase of deskscape 3 and with continuous running of a animated wallpaper it plays for some couple of seconds and then stops when I make an reselection of the animated wallpaper it starts once more and then again stops in the same position and does not move further. So I was concerning about how do I get it to run all the time . are you having some suggestions.

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    Re: how to get Animated Wallpapers run all the time

    I need o first of all inquire whether you have made some installation any third party codec packs as it might be certain that this could be the issues concerning you and also this issues relate with which kind of Operating System you are making use of.

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    Re: how to get Animated Wallpapers run all the time

    I also have similar issues and to discuss further, I am having a issue and getting my desktop to play animated wallpapers / screen savers. when I am scrolling throughout my pics they will tend to play well, but when it is in fact setting as my wallpaper all it shows is the initial frame of the animation. It is really irritating. Are you guys or anyone have this trouble or can make out for what I'm doing mistaken with ?

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    Re: how to get Animated Wallpapers run all the time

    To add in this topic, I would say that the screen savers are just that "screen savers" you can only see these moving pictures when their set as your screen saver if you tend to set it up as your wallpaper you will be able to see what you are seeing the initial screen as of at once there are very few ones which will let you to have a view of these.

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    Re: how to get Animated Wallpapers run all the time

    I'm having the similar issues and in my case it continues pausing and i have to pause as well as resume it again and again and regarding my system requirements i have win7 64bit third party codecs and as well as media player codec pack DivX codecs. So what could be the reason behind this one.

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