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Thread: all my desktop icons are .lnk files

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    Exclamation all my desktop icons are .lnk files

    when i try to set the programs back to .application files, it doesnt change, but when i look at them in the files theyre in, they show up as .application . its only when i put them back on the desktop that they go to .lnk files. i believe this is linked to steam, which is what opens when any other file on the desktop is opened

    please someone help me ASAP

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    Re: all my desktop icons are .lnk files

    Could you let us know what operating system have you installed in your pc/laptop? You can try to modify registry to fix this issue. So for that download the file called Inkfix from here and compress the zip file and simply double click the .reg file and it will add registry entries, restart the computer and see if the issue is resolved.

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