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Thread: Checkboxes Icons on Vista Desktop

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    Checkboxes Icons on Vista Desktop

    I have installed the windows 7 on mine system and last night I have upgraded mine system and installed the windows vista on mine system. Mine installation worked and I have no issue on the system but on my desk, all my icons have a little check box in the upper right corner; I find irritating and hoped that would eliminate the check boxes of the icons. I have tried to do this but it doesn’t help me to solve mine issue. Can anyone suggest on this and I need to know what the use of Checkboxes Icons on Vista Desktop is. Can anyone help on this issue?

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    Re: Checkboxes Icons on Vista Desktop

    Adding check boxes in Windows vista is important for Microsoft to claim that the new operating system is fully compatible with touch. With multi-touch screens become common place, is a real pain to use a keyboard to hit CTRL key repeatedly or on a tablet, a keyboard opening only CTRL to select multiple files that are not adjacent to each other. Using a stylus or a finger to check the boxes and select multiple files, however, it is important that users of the tablet. Although it is "just another way to distinguish the files that are selected" for desktop users.

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    Re: Checkboxes Icons on Vista Desktop

    Generally, to select multiple files, you can use the Ctrl key. Holding down the Ctrl key can be multiple files in the same folder. It is easier to make multiple selections with the help of the check box. These check boxes are not normally shows all the time so these check boxes for all files not disorder within a folder. Only when you move your cursor over a file of a small check box will appear as a new column to the left of the file name when the folder view is listed in detail or in the upper left, if the view of folders in the icon mode.

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    Re: Checkboxes Icons on Vista Desktop

    The following are the steps to disable the Check boxes Icons on Vista Desktop and after that you won’t get the check box on the icon. To do this follow the below steps: on the desktop make double click on my computer. Now on the windows explorer go to the tolls option the top of menu and then select the folder option. Now on the folder option go to the view tab and under that make uncheck mark on the Use check boxes to select items check box. Once you finished this hit the ok button and after that go through your issue.

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