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Thread: How to stretch one background over two monitors

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    How to stretch one background over two monitors

    Hi I am running Windows XP pro in my computer and have got two monitors (extended mode) running to my system. Whenever I select a background for my desktop screen, it gets doubled. So I wanted to extend the same background image on both the monitors with affecting it. Does anyone know how I can make this thing possible? If anyone has got any solutions please feel free to post your suggestions. Your suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    Re: How to stretch one background over two monitors

    I am not sure about this but softwares are available which can make this thing happen without much issue. “UltraMon” is one such utility which can be used for multi-monitor systems. It is specially designed to increase the final productivity. You can also try using the “DisplayFusion” software. You can search for the same on internet and install it in your system. Follow the on screen instruction to install the software and if possible read some guides on how to use the softwares more efficiently so that you will get the best output.

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    Re: How to stretch one background over two monitors

    • If you have installed any photo editing software like Photoshop or Picasa then you should split the image you wish to set as your background into two half.
    • Once you are done doing the editing you should right click on the Desktop.
    • Assuming you are using Nvidia, Click on the Nvidia option on the right click menu. Now maximize to navigate to the desktop management.
    • Click on desktops and then go to properties
    • Go to the advanced display properties,
    • Select desktops and then click on properties. Select the checkbox which allows different backgrounds for each monitor and you can configure it there.
    • Now Select your split images and make sure that you are putting the first half of the image on the right monitor and the other half on the left monitor.

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    Re: How to stretch one background over two monitors

    Follow these steps to display a large image across multiple monitors:
    • Right click on the Desktop background and from the right click menu select Personalize.
    • Select the Desktop Background
    • Choose a image which has got a resolution wider than the combined resolution of both the monitors.
    • Select the Tile option in the picture positioning option.
    • Tile is the only option which makes it possible to display one background image across multiple monitors.
    • Select the Save Changes option.
    • Apply the settings and Click on OK.

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    Re: How to stretch one background over two monitors

    Thank you guys for helping me out configure the desktop in my dual monitor system. It was very kind of you people to give me a solution so quickly. I always wanted to experience this dual monitor effect and it feels amazing how things are working so smoothly now after getting help from you guys. I downloaded the softwares you guys suggested me, UltraMon and DisplayFusion. And I must say they are very useful and very easy to use as well. The software makes it effortless to stretch a single image as a background on two monitors. I have not tried the editing of image into two and then setting each of the two separate parts on each monitor yet. But it sounds pretty much interesting. So I would probably try that also.

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