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Thread: Way to change menu highlight color in windows 7

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    Way to change menu highlight color in windows 7

    Hi friends. I just keep trying to explore the wonderful machine that I have as my personal computer. Yesterday, when I was doing something or the other and getting the feel of the things , a question flashed me can we change the menu highlight color if we want to? If yes then what is the way out to do it. Friends help me out. In case the question is wierd then avoid it. Its just that I felt so thought to ask. My Operating system is windows 7. I have intel core I 7 co processor in it .Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Way to change menu highlight color in windows 7

    Firstly, I will suggest you to enable aero and do not allow transparency. But, this is possible, only in case your graphic card supports aero. You should have given the details of the graphic card. Anyways, Then set the class color. In case you wish to enable glass effects then hit on window color. I told you because you like doing new things. Thus, all the color variation will be presented to you. Also, a better user interface is available, which can be made use off.

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    Re: Way to change menu highlight color in windows 7

    As per my knowledge , you can change the color for icons and such other things if you make use of uxtheme patch. Now, analogous to the outcome of the accurate color you will be able to create a set of new themes. When you select the matter in aero and try to change the color, the result will be shown in only the matter which do not use light blue round , one for example that I can state is in the start menu

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    Re: Way to change menu highlight color in windows 7

    I feel you should go to start menu and then select change window color and metrics. This will help you out. Also, in case you unable any of the extra ordinary properties for any of the cause or ant specific reason , your task bar will make use of any of the weird colors. Also, even though you download aero themes, changes only in background and glass color is visible. I hope the post helped you in some way.

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    Re: Way to change menu highlight color in windows 7

    Hi. The way I know we can change the color is that by right clicking the the mouse on the desktop and then click on personalize. After that you will be able to see the option of windows color. Hit that and move ahead. Then press advanced appearance settings. You will be now able to see a drop down list, in that click on selected items. Now as per your wish under the color option you can change the color as you want.

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