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Thread: How to make volume icon in system tray visible

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    How to make volume icon in system tray visible

    I am using Windows XP and recently I faced this weird problem. My Volume icon disappeared from my system tray. Also the option is grayed out and does not allow me to check it in the taskbar and start menu properties screen. I donít have any idea what went wrong to make this happen. I tried to my fullest but am unable get my volume icon back. Does anyone know what is causing this? Can anyone help? Give me some solution.

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    re: How to make volume icon in system tray visible

    You mentioned that this problem started all of a sudden. And you donít remember doing anything that must have forced your volume icon to go missing from the system tray. According to me your system has been attacked by some sort of virus recently. May be this virus is only causing your icons to disappear. Update your anti-virus. And scan your entire system. I would suggest you to place that virus in quarantine (if you find one) because it may happen that the virus has infected some of your system file. And deleting it may hamper the working of your system. Try re-installing the Windows XP, if it is convenient for you.

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    re: How to make volume icon in system tray visible

    You can easily re-enable the system icons, if you think they have gone missing. Right click on the taskbar. A list of options will appear. Select properties (In windows XP it is last in the list). This will bring up the "Taskbar and start menu properties" tab. This is where you mentioned it was grayed out. Itís OkÖ Now select the Taskbar tab. From here you can click on customize button in the icons section. Locate the icon that you are missing (in your case it is Volume icon) and check status. Change the status to "Show icon and notifications". Click on OK and finally click on Apply. Hope this helps you.

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    re: How to make volume icon in system tray visible

    I think you have an issue with a group policy on your machine. Sometimes the group policy disables the Clock, Network, Power, and Volume icons. Or the registry keys related to notification area icons have got corrupted. You need to reset, clear or fix the registry to enable and restore the grayed check boxes and hence making it possible for user to restore these system icons. Do the following: Start >> run. Type regedit and press enter. Navigate to these two locations;
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer
    and delete these registry values:
    • HideClock, HideSCAPower, HideSCAVolume, NoAutoTrayNotify, HideSCANetwork, NoTrayItemsDisplay.

    Then exit Registry Editor and Explorer. And finally restart PC (reboot) to apply the changes.

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    re: How to make volume icon in system tray visible

    the better method is to reinstall your Windows.Because your computer is infected with virus.And Anti-Virus just remove virus not his effects.After the installation of windows install better anti virus and than update it and enjoy.......
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    Re: How to make volume icon in system tray visible

    There are high chances that Clock, Volume and other system tray icons can hide or disappear if some invalid. corrupt registry key entries of PastIconsStream and IconStreams are entered in the registry. You need to delete the specific registry keys if you want to make the icons visible again. Click on the Start button on the left bottom of the screen. Go to Run. A new window with a text field will appear. Type regedit and press enter. Now Navigate to the following registry key (remember to click on the plus+ sign, everytime you want to enter inside the directory): HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\TrayNotify. You can see a details pane on the right side. Now first delete the IconStreams registry entry and then click on the PastIconsStream. Close the Registry Editor and restart Your system.

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