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Thread: How to make windows xp look like MAC os x

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    How to make windows xp look like MAC os x

    I have not seen this before, but will be happy to have this thing for me if possible. I have Windows xp and I am having Intel Dual Core and with that I have 2 GB of RAM in the system. Now the thing is that I have one of my colleague who has the Apple MacBook Pro and in my windows I want that it look like a Mac os X because I like it’s view. So here I want to know that is there any feature through this I will be able to do like this. I will be happy to have that in my case. The appearance of Mac OS X was really awesome. The fact is that I will not have an exact copy due to legal problems. Can you please, all I suggest nothing. Any solution close to this will, too. I have seen some cases where Windows Vista was successful in doing that but I have not seen anything like this in Windows xp. Is it really possible here?

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    Re: How to make windows xp look like MAC os x

    I do not think it is entirely possible. Windows is Windows and Mac Mac OS X is no way you can have this, and if you want to look like the Mac, then you have themes and wallpaper, the way you may look. But it will be as common themes and if you want to enjoy the features of the Mac, then I think that having the Mac OS X in the system will be a great idea into reality. Decide what you want to have operating system. So it will be good that you can tell how to get to look like Windows Vista and Mac OS X since I have not seen yet and it will be really interested to know that for sure.

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    Re: How to make windows xp look like MAC os x

    You've mentioned you want ur PC to look like Mac OS X as you said. If you have Mac OS X for the system just to see and follow the steps below according to what you can do that Mac OS X is here:

    • Download and install RocketDock
    • RocketDock based on system performance
    • move all the icons in the dock.
    • open the toolbar and then drag it to the top of the screen
    • You need to open the browser and look for mac os x scroll down the image from Google and then set the image you get as your desktop background.
    • Now the customization of the taskbar. Right click on the taskbar and go to properties
    • You can not see the Auto Hide check the box
    • After you have to click the Apply button

    That's all you have to do and have to appear scenario Mac OS X in your case.

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    Re: How to make windows xp look like MAC os x

    I think you should try for something really easy that can help you keep this in your case. The easiest way to find you like to do all this for you. I think you should take the transformation of snow and it can bring you the look of Mac OS X for you here on your system. You will be able to see the system as the Mac OS X installed on it and that too without having to install the operating system and that is what you are looking for. Give this a try and see if it demonstrates its value to you. Please let me know about it.

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    Re: How to make windows xp look like MAC os x

    I have one process and I think it really brings you right you are looking for. Just follow the steps to see to do this you have to find and download the packages listed below. Before proceeding with this make sure you have a system restore ready with you. After that will be required for the Uxtheme Multi-patcher will be required to repair the system files with this. After this, you will need to have the snow leopard of Windows 7. You have to take ownership of the file system is the two of them:

    * C: \ Windows \ system32 \ shell32.dll
    * C: \ Windows \ system32 \ ExplorerFrame.dll

    Install Leopard on Windows xp. After that, you have to reboot and after that you will be able to see the look of the desktop will become the Mac OS X. If you do not see the change of ants or you find that there is something wrong then you can restore your system to the last restore point that I mentioned earlier.

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